Every Stolen Breath by Kimberly Gabriel

What would you do if you saw your father or parent killed?  ‘Every Stolen Breath’ by Kimberly Gabriel is the story of a girl named Lia . How she goes about how to catch the culprits who killed her father. It is a novel of mystery and intrigue.  Lia is a character who just wants to find out the truth Every stolen Breathof what happened to her father and why.  ‘Every Stolen Breath’ is a story not only of Lia and her search for truth, but how a group called ‘The Swarm’ and trying to understand what is ‘mob mentality’. Kimberly has written a story of familial love for Lia will do anything to find out what happened and why.

‘Every Stolen Breath’ is a quick moving story that the reader can easily visualize what is occurring as in the beginning ofevery stolen breath kimberly gabriel the setup of the story when ‘The Swarm’ seen her on the boardwalk and a stranger tried to help her.  This is one time when Lia was trying to trust again. Lia had a feeling that he was telling her what to do and then following through on what she had to do to keep from giving herself a way in what she has planned.  Kimberly Gabriel has written this novel that will keep the reader involved to the end. The cover picture gives a hint of how one person can use realism to give an idea what a story could be about. The blonde girl in the picture is/could be Lia standing stunned trying to figure out what is going on around there and her. We all probably has had times like this in our own lives. Kimberly shows and tells what the psychology of ‘mob mentality’ can do and how it affects all of us

Along with the book is a companion copy that is available .

every stolen Breath educators guide is a companion to Every Stolen Breath by Kimberly Gabriel. This guide can be utilized in the classroom, in a home school setting, or by parents seeking additional resources. Ideal for grades 7-12.

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