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Milly is overjoyed when she receives her acceptance letter for Unicorn School, which teaches “only the best and the brightest unicorns.” She’s actually “a donkey in a party hat,” but Milly can’t be blamed for sending “a misleading picture” with her application—the school is a cotton-candy–colored fever dream of rainbows and fountains. On her first day she bumps into a black-and-white bovine with a traffic cone on his head, a goat with a plunger on her forehead, and a camel balancing a glass bottle on its noggin, and all the animals seem equally anxious. Finally every other student admits that none of them are unicorns, either, and in the last jubilant illustration, they’ve all shed their costumes and are proudly posed under a sign announcing “The Awesome Animal School.” This story raises pressing questions: Are there real unicorns at the school? What did the administration do when they discovered that their entire incoming class was made up of non-unicorn quadrupeds? Did the curriculum change? But this is an excellent choice for any kid worried about fitting in in a new environment or for a reader looking for a humorous take on unicorns.

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