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Cemetery Boys
by Aiden Thomas

For the reader who wants to fall in love with a bad boy and isn’t afraid of him haunting them.

Young Adult Fantasy
by Tracy Deonn

For the reader who likes literal Black Girl Magic with a Southern twist.

Only Mostly Devastated
by Sophie Gonzales

If you have ever thought about singing “You’re The One That I Want” at karaoke, this is your next read.

Tweet Cute
by Emma Lord

If you’re patiently waiting for someone to slide into your DMs, pass that time with this book.

Felix Ever After
by Kacen Callender

For the reader who feels like they’re destined to forever be the single friend.

Never Look Back
by Lilliam Rivera

For fans of classical mythology, magic realism, and/or urban love stories, this book brilliantly blends all three.

Young Adult fantasy Novels
Infinity Son
by Adam Silvery

If you and your sibling have ever fought monsters with magic wands and also your smartphone, or wanted to, this book is for you.

Young Adult Novels
The Henna Wars
by Adiba Jaigirdar

If you love the best friends falling in love trope, then you’ll love this one. 

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Another very good Young Adult Novel for the Dystopian love

As Young Adult Dystopian Novels go, The Memory Thief by Lauren Mansy is a pretty good one. I’ve obviously read quite a few books in this Genre. This one has everything you would expect and/or want in the story. Although I do realize that a book or story like this is not for everyone. For me it worked.

Young Adult Dystopian novelThe concept or premise of the story is truly unique. It takes place in a world where Memories can be bought and sold or even stolen. Memories are currency in this world.Along with those memories would of course be the talents you have studied and learned. So if someone has studied and practiced a certain skill for years it’s possible to just buy or steal those memories and become an expert at that particular skill without truly learning it. There are the Gifted and Ungifted. The gifted are the ones that have the ability to take memories. The Ungifted can’t.



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