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“By the time I turned thirty,” writes Bloom, “I should have understood that there was no such thing as ‘normal.’ ” In this offbeat compendium of personal moments from childhood to the present, the author shares her journey in search of that moment when she felt “normal” around other people. Among other topics, Bloom discusses her mental health issues as an adolescent and how she endured bullying during middle school: “Were you bullied in middle school? Yeah? You were? Bullshit. You weren’t bullied. I was bullied. I am the ultimate judge of bullying and I conclude that I was bullied and you were not bullied. So says me, court adjourned, gavel goes bang bang.” The author’s humor is more pointed in her assessment of the pros and cons of attending award shows (her personal review system “is based on the things that TRULY count: Food, Parking, Temperature in the Room, and How Much Shapewear Is Expected”), a chapter in which she writes in the voice of her dog, and a section about how she and her colleagues bypassed FCC regulations to make certain parts of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend acceptable for a broadcast network rather than “edgy cable” (developed for Showtime, the series landed with the CW). Bloom includes childhood diary entries, poetry, and drawings as well as a snarky sample resume for aspiring actors, and she maintains a certain diffident note as she rambles along. The book was written before the pandemic, when the idea of “normal” was still possible. Thankfully, the author shares a relevant afterword that helps balance the silliness and eccentricities of the scattered narrative. Fans of the TV show will enjoy learning the backstory about the creator and star, but general readers won’t find much to appeal here.

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