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Brynn Wilder has had a rough year. She broke up with her long-term partner, her beloved dog died, and she took a sabbatical from her job at the university to care for her dying mother. When a friend invites her to spend the summer in a small town on the shores of Lake Superior, it’s just what she needs. She finds herself sharing the small boardinghouse with a sociable older gay couple, a handsome and mysterious tattooed man, and something that might be the ghost of a woman who died in the house over the winter. Between the convivial small town, the chance at romance, and the unsettling presence that seems to be interested in her, Brynn’s going to have a summer to remember. Setting her new novel in the same town as Daughters of the Lake (2018), Webb has concocted another tale of mystery, and, since Brynn is friends with Kate, the heroine of the earlier novel, there are plenty of familiar faces. The town of Wharton leaps off the page, full of kooky but kind townies who all befriend Brynn. Though the tone can be odd, slipping among a heartwarming tale of a woman finding herself, a whirlwind romance with hints of danger, and a haunting ghost story, all the characters are so likable and the mystery genuinely mystifying enough that the book somehow remains endearing and greatly readable.

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