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Nettie needs our book help! Oh boy this one sounds tumultuous. LOVE TRIANGLE with 2 sisters and one guy? Eeeeep! That’s a recipe for disaster, and this description below goes into plenty of detail.

She asks:

I read a book 15-20 years ago.

It’s about identical twin sisters and the “evil twin” tricks her sister’s boyfriend and sleeps with him and gets pregnant.

The “good sister “ leaves and gets a call several years later that her sister has cancer and is dying so she comes back.

In depth, the book starts out where the good sister comes home to her apartment and gets a message from him. The voice she hasn’t heard in years. She goes home and the sisters daughter runs and hugs her. She looks like her mom did before she was so sick with cancer.

Then the book jumps to the past. The couple are so in love and her sister tricks the boyfriend. They are devastated. The 2 sisters decide to each leave a note for the boy just saying to meet them and see who he chooses. He doesn’t know she’s pregnant. The note can’t say anything specific. Just to meet.

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

Well, the evil twin is deceitful and puts she’s pregnant so he goes to her not knowing he’s choosing.

The good twin leaves and doesn’t come back until her sister is dying.

One scene she is walking down stairs and hears them (ex and evil twin) making love so tenderly.

One scene he has sex with the good sister outside at a shed maybe. I don’t think they were ever intimate in past.

The sister dies and if I remember right the good twin leaves.

Please please please help me find this so I can reread. I read at a young age and wanting to reread so I can see if I missed anything. I so wanted them to get back together.

Hoping I missed a sequel.

Anyone recognize this one?

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