Reader Question – The book where she falls in love with him, she can’t leave their house, and he murders women…

Time for another Maryse’s Book Blog Reader Question! Cindy is looking for this book…

AND OMG this one sounds crazy, and kind of scary (or maybe A LOT scary). Psych-thriller? Dark read? Dark romance? Scary stalker? Horror? All of the above? Yes please!

She asks:

Looking for a book I read several years ago.

I might have several books merging into one in my brain, but I think someone will be able to come up with it.

The h falls for the H and lives with him (he may have kidnapped her, or for whatever reasons does not let her leave the house)…..

he is very wealthy……

he murders women….

I believe there is more than one book in the series….. and I think somewhere along the lines, the h gets pregnant.

Ring any bells?

Anyone have a different guess? Let’s make a list!! This is one of my favorite tropes.

Maryse: Almost makes me think of my beloved “You” series that I love so much. So I’ll throw that in as my guess (though a couple of details are a bit off from “You” but not by much – and since it’s a series… this questions kind of works). P.S. Here are my reviews of the first 2 books in the “You” series, and I CAN’T WAIT to read #3!!!

Robyn: Bloodstained Beauty by Ella Fields is in this category. I just read it too!

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