Reader Question – When will Blaire 3 by Anita Gray be released?

A new Maryse’s Book Blog reader question for us to solve! And I think I did… sort of. 😉

Shaleen (and apparently many others) are anxiously awaiting book #3 in this dark read series. I hadn’t heard of yet, but now I have. HOLY MOLY. So I did some research…

She asks:

Hello Maryse

I hope you are well.

I wait for your blog post everyday. It’s become a place where I can express my feelings about books freely. Thank you for that. :)…

I was wondering if you know anything about when Blaire 3 by Anita Gray will release. I have searched Google but it’s still old stuff.

If you find out anything please let me know.

Stay safe 🤗

So far… the info is a bit vague. The author is still active on Facebook (so that’s a great sign!!), and most of what I’ve found is her response letting readers know that she’s still working on it.

Here’s what I found so far:

15 weeks ago (approx. June 2020), two readers asked when would Blaire 3 be released (while she was online) and she responded:

I don’t have a release date, but I’m working on it (just stopping for coffee 😉 ) <3

And then another reader said:

Blaire 3 is COMING!!!
She said that she is finishing the series before publishing… there might be more after 3🤔🤔🤯🤯

I haven’t been able to find where the reader got that info (maybe the author’s newsletter?) but the author did not dispute that at all, and in fact, was corresponding with all the commenters under this.

AHHHH!! HERE!! I FOUND IT! On March 3, 2019 she posted this:

I’ve had hundreds of emails/messages/comments on Facebook/in groups, and I think it’s time to address things.

BLAIR3 is coming. I’m confused as to why some think it’s not. 🤔

As some of you might know, I’ve been unwell this past year and my partner isn’t doing much better. But that hasn’t stopped me from working as hard as I possibly can (I plough through 14 hour days 7 days a week, nonstop to market/manage/write/edit/adult with my house and my family). I’ve brought BLAIRE’S WORLD with some incredible authors (which I had no creative influence over, and had the support of the manager, Elizabeth Peters, who allowed me to just write) and soon will come BLAIR3. I do not have a release date. After BLAI2E and having to pull the title from pre-order publication because I felt it wasn’t ready, I’ve learned a valuable lesson; do not set release dates when you aren’t 100% ready. It’s not fair on the readers.

Another issue I’d like to address from certain comments: I’ve said this before, and I’m going to say it again, I cannot write on demand. Yes, there are some incredible authors out there who can – some even push out a book each month or bang out 100k word titles within days – but that is not and will never be me. I’ve tried, but it blocks me, and then I can’t write anything at all – worse than that, the stress makes me very well and my health comes first over writing. So, from all these lessons, I write when I can and when the characters speak to me – and the great news is, for months now, Blaire and Charlie have been doing more than speaking to me. They’re screaming at me. I stay up all night writing. Often, I wake after 4 hours of sleep and keep writing. Their story is unfolding in the most dark, delectable way. (Trust me, when this comes, you’ll be glad I took my time and didn’t rush it for the sake of demand; I’m fighting to ensure it’s better than BLA1RE and BLAI2E). It’s dark, emotional, full of action – and things you will not expect. Hell, it’s full of things I did not expect.

When BLAIR3 is ready, it’ll be a quick release. At the most, you guys will have to wait 4-6 weeks from the publication announcement. I want to get it to you all as quickly as possible.

Until then, please be patient with a girl who’s trying her best. Your support is what keeps me going. You should absolutely read BLAIRE’S WORLD while you wait. It’s an incredible series that turned out better than I could have ever imagined – a certain book even focuses on Charlie’s brother 

Enjoy, guys, and I thank you for your patience.


Also… on Mrch 7th 2020… talk of potential movie news for this series? The author posted:

BLAIRE fans! I have some pretty neat news!

Taleflick (a story curation company) asked if they could enter BLAIRE in a competition that could potentially put me in touch with movie producers… EKKK! (I’ve attached their emails to the image so you can read them 😇)

The competition goes live next week, and then you must cast your vote! I’ll keep you all updated on how and where to vote. As you can imagine, I’m uber excited

Would you like to see BLAIRE turned into a movie?

P.S. For those of us that haven’t heard of this series, here is the series reading order (and extras) – and a whole spinoff of the series called “Blaire’s World!

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