Monday Early Bird Book Releases – 10-19-2020

Happy Monday everyone!!! 🙂 27 new early bird book releases and more will be added as we find ’em.

It’s getting closer and closer to Halloween!!! YAY!! I just wish someone would turn the heat down a little, here in Florida so it could feel like fall, finally. But, at least there are plenty of horror movies to watch, and you know I love those. 😉


1.) My Sunday project was to install my 24 solar pathway lights (that I got on Prime Day) and OMG I AM IN LOVE!!! I need 24 more and then another 24 more and maybe another 24?? …so I can surround my whole house with them. They are perfection!

2.) One of my rose stems from years ago turned into it’s own super-tall rosebush!! And today, I discovered these tiny ball-apple things where the rose used to be, and found out those are rose hips and full of rose seeds! HOLY MOLY I love collecting seeds!!! More roses coming soon. 😀

3.) I need coffee badly. Like right now. 😉 It was very hard to wake up this morning, I was soooooo cozy!



  1. FALLEN by Mia Sheridan <— MIA SHERIDAN ALERT! IN CASE YOU MISSED IT YESTERDAY… OH MY I LOVE THE CREEP-FACTOR SOUND OF THIS!!! Single mom moves into an old house for a new start with her young daughter… “...Scarlett Lattimore arrives at Lilith House, an abandoned mansion built in 1876, that later housed a reform school for troubled girls, to start a new life with her seven-year-old daughter. But between the nearby town with the strange, disconcerting feel, the deputy sheriff who is equal parts intriguing and suspicious, and the discovery that their new home holds a dark and violent past, Scarlett soon begins to question her rash decision. She is shaken and afraid by the screams that echo in the walls...”

Tasha: Fallen by Mia Sheridan is LIVE!! One click!

Maryse: OH MY THIS ONE SOUNDS UP MY HAUNTED CREEPY ALLEY!!!! Wow I AM loving waking up to all this Sunday goodness!!! 😀

  1. Who’s the Boss? : An Enemies to Lovers Romantic Comedy by Erin McCarthy <— HER ENEMY IS NOW HER BOSS!!! GASP!!! “…Sean Kincaid is my new boss. Who has strolled into my kitchen demanding I follow his rules. I don’t like taking orders from anyone but certainly not from a grumpy man who knows how to push all of my buttons. And when a Best Chef competition pits the two of us against each other, it’s either going to be a sizzler–or a recipe for disaster…”
  2. The Opposite of Addie: A Novel by Julie C. Gardner <— SINGLE MOM & THEN HE SHOWS UP AGAIN… “…Single mom Addie never thought she’d see Jake again after her sudden departure from his life. When Jake shows up all these years later and meets her daughter—their daughter—Addie’s got a choice to make...”
  3. Start to Finish by Pamela A. Williams <— M/M ROMANCE!!
  4. Unruly Protector : A Hero Club Novel by Esther E. Schmidt <— MAFIA ARRANGED MARRIAGE ALERT! “…Caterina grew up in the mafia world and fully embraced her fate; choosing to become an asset for her future husband instead of a wilting flower. But she wasn’t expecting the ruthless head of the underworld of California to yank on her every nerve...”
  5. Brazen Bossman: A Hero Club Novel by Emma Nichole
  6. Hendrix (Raleigh Raptors Book 3) by Samantha Whiskey
  7. Hot for a Cop (The Single Moms of Seattle Book 2) by Whitley Cox <— COP DELIVERED HER BABY ON THE INTERSTATE… and they have a connection but… “...superstition and a family curse have her rebuffing him, even though she looks at him with a need that mirrors his own. When Lauren finally gives into her heart, the passion between them explodes. Life isn’t just good, it’s great. Until Isaac realizes their history was connected in a way he never expected. He ruined her life without even knowing it…”
  8. The Sweet Spot (Magnolia Springs Book 1) by Elyse Kelly <— SHE’S A BAKER & HE’S THE BAD BOY MECHANIC NEXT DOOR! “…Callie Thomas is the new girl in town, moving to Magnolia Springs to open her own cupcake shop, The Sweet Spot. She’s determined to make her dream a success and pours all her time into focusing on her bakery. What she doesn’t make time for, is falling for the sexy mechanic that owns the auto shop next door...”
  9. World Series: A Sports Romance (Ballers & Curves Book 6) by Summer Rose
  10. Secret Puck (Campus Nights Book 1) by Rebecca Jenshak <— HIS CAPTAIN’S SISTER!! “...I tried to do the right thing. Honest. I’m the one who insisted we should be just friends. That lasted about as long as you’d expect. But Ginny? She’s the best–best friend, best everything.  So yeah, hooking up with the team captain’s sister wasn’t a great idea…”
  11. Come Here, Kitten (God of War Book 1) by Emilia Rose
  12. A Family Affair: The Journey: A Small Town Family Saga (Truth in Lies Book 19) by Mary Campisi
  13. If a Lady Lingers: A Capturing the Carlisles Novella by Anna Harrington
  14. Cocky in a Cowboy Hat (Crossroads Book 3) by Em Petrova
  15. Bourbon Fireball (The Barrel House Series Book 4) by Shari J. Ryan
  16. Watch Me Drown (Elements of the Heart Book 1) by C.E. Johnson <— HE DEFENDS HER! “…Even though the restraining order against my father expired years ago, I wasn’t expecting him to show up in my life again. I had no idea the mysterious man that stands at the river’s edge would be the one to defend me. After one night in Everest’s protection, the idea was for us to go our separate ways. Instead, my life gets turned upside down and now I want more than just his safety. I want his scarred heart, too...”
  17. Unforgettable You (The Lindstroms Book 6) by Katy Paige and Katy Regnery <— GREEN CARD MARRIAGE ALERT!!! “...Nils Lindstrom and Maggie Campbell have been quietly in love for years. But despite the strength of their feelings for one another, they’ve never surrendered to them. Nils holds a secret too terrible to tell, and Maggie senses that pushing him to admit their attraction might end up pushing him away. When Maggie learns she has missed the deadline to renew her U.S. visa, she faces deportation…until Nils swoops in and offers her a green card marriage…”
  18. Love in Numbers: An Enemies to Lovers Romance (Love Distilled Book 1) by Scarlett Cole
  19. Blitz: An Enemies-to-Lovers Romantic Comedy (Blast Brothers Book 3) by Sabrina Stark
  20. Easy To Lose: A Boudreaux Universe Novel by S.A. Clayton <— SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE ALERT!! “…Moving back home to Miami to run Charly Boudreaux’s Head Over Heels expansion store, even as it scares the hell out of me…also easy. Finding out that Owen Peters, my ex-best friend and the boy I fell in love with in high school, the one who broke my heart, works next door? Not quite so easy…”
  21. It’s Never Easy: A Boudreaux Universe Novel by Dani René
  22. Beautiful Thief (Omertà Law #2) by M.N. Forgy
  23. One Wicked Night with the Boss (Hunky Halloween) by Amy Pennza
  24. Hypothetically: A Forbidden Romance by Dr. Rebecca Sharp <— FORBIDDENY ALERT!! “…best friend’s father forbidden romance…”
  25. His Forever Girl (A New Orleans Ladies Novel) by Liz Talley
  26. Just Like Home (Bring Me Back Book 2) by Diana Gardin <— AIR FORCE PILOT ALERT!! “…It’s the best, smartest decision I ever made. It’s also the one part of my life no one knows about. Until the day everything twists, changes, becomes something I never thought my life would be. Now, I have to trust the one person I swore I’d never put my faith in, my best friend’s brother-in-law. My fierce attraction for him is unexplainable.. But my fear of loving him is even stronger…”

PREORDERS (going live soon!!! 😀 )

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