Reader Question – The mafia book about Hero that sends the heroine to the USA and later finds her in a party full of gangsters…

Antonietta needs our book help! Oh boy…. it sounds like the heroine is in for some trouble!!

She asks:


Sorry for my grammar but English is not my first language. I am desperate to find this book that I read not long ago.

It’s about the Lebanese or Albanian mafia. The protagonist is an immigrant in the United States where she lives with her mother and her brother. Her brother only takes money from her.

The hero is the one who sends the heroine to the USA and after a few years he looks for her and they meet again in a hotel where there is a party full of gangsters.

She comes to the party with a group of guys in a van… or something like that.


greetings from the Caribbean ❤️

Anyone have a guess?

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