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They have collected their supplies. They bid each other farewell for the winter. Poppy, a miniature human child with light-brown skin, and Sam, an even more diminutive panda, go to their respective homes made of gourds and snuggle into their own beds. Sam dreams of honey, but Poppy tosses and turns. Poppy wakes Sam, horrified at having forgotten how to hibernate. Poppy pulls Sam out of bed, and the two wander the garden visiting friends for tips on how to fall asleep. They try counting honey pots like the bees and say no thank you to warm fly milk from the frog. The ants welcome them to read in bed, but the only book left on the ants’ shelf is the dictionary. Just when they’ve given up—Sam’s lullaby has failed, and the dutiful sidekick has offered to stay awake with Poppy—they come across Simone, who informs them that mice don’t hibernate. They’re cozy in their den playing cards, doing puzzles, and eating snacks. They welcome Poppy and Sam to join them and stay awake all winter…and suddenly, Poppy and Sam are very tired. The comic-style design with spacious, colorful panels, cherubic characters, speech bubbles, and clever use of page turns make this a fun read for independent young readers but also works as a humorous read-aloud for the sleep-resistant.

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