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THIS DUET came to my attention via a reader question, asking when the duet conclusion was going to go live. It appears there was a hiccup with the original release date, and it has now been moved to October 19th. 🙂 So relief is coming sooooon, my friends!!!

In the meantime, The prequel and book #1 are available to be read as we speak. 😀

The author said:

The release date for Twisted Fate, book two in the Dark Heart Duet, is moving to Monday October 19th. As most people know, I had a pre-order set to release the 14th, and on Saturday, Amazon ate the pre-order (along with some others).

During the time between Saturday and Monday, when the pre-order’s status was in limbo, I couldn’t resist tinkering around with the story, and I decided to add some things.

When it became clear the team at Amazon was not going to be able to cough up my lost pre-order, I decided to go whole hog—as we say in Alabama, where I’m from—and push the release date back a little, giving myself more time to sleep at night, homeschool my three kids, and tweak these expanded parts of Twisted Fate without making life miserable at my house…

About book #1:

He’s the broken prince who takes the train to my elite Uptown school.
I’m the pretend princess with her life mapped out.
We meet at a masquerade ball on the Upper West Side, and we both feel it. His bruises match my cracks. Our love cures everything that ails us. Or it should.
But this isn’t a fairy tale. It’s a tragedy.
We’re tangled in a web of lies from the first moment, star-crossed long before we ever know what turns our story dark.
What should have been the perfect first love ends in bloodshed and so many broken things.
Luca Galante’s not a prince at all. And this is a cautionary tale.  


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