PRIME DAY FUN DAY #2 – 10-14-2020 + My favorite deal finds + audiobook deals too!

WELCOME TO DAY 2 (and our LAST day of Prime Day fun to get in on) and I will be finding today’s deals and adding them here. You can check out ➔➔ ALL THE PRIME DAY SALES THAT ARE LIVE RIGHT NOW!

OH AND!! Many from yesterday’s list are still going strong (with a few that are sold out, so I crossed them out), but check it, because it’s stuff that I have already and that I totally love and recommend, or things that I want and/or ordered for myself. 🙂


Donna: You can get a 6 month subscription to KU for …😱. Half off! Even existing members can get it! Buy it as a gift and email it to yourself to keep or gift. I just bought 2 for myself 😍

Shanna: I did two the other day. Such a good deal.

Or… we can play in MY PRIME DAY FINDS below. 🙂 Including a bunch of amazing AUDIOBOOKS are on PRIME DAY SALE right now (plus this awesome membership deal – below):


Maryse (from last year’s sale): Now that Ring doorbell sale however… I don’t REALLY need that. But… I REALLY want that. I’m holding back… for now. I think. 😉

Donna: Love mine!

R: I LOVE my new Roomba that I got on Black Friday. We named her Lucy and she lives under a china cabinet so when she’s not in use, you don’t even know she’s there! It’s like she has her own personal garage!

➔➔ AMAZING DEAL/DISCOUNT RIGHT NOW ON A ONE YEAR AUDIBLE SUBSCRIPTION!! <— I’ve already got a yearly subscription so I can’t get in on this one, but maybe you can? 😀

Erica: I signed back up for Audible, 1 year (12 credits!) for $…  you can see that *** for twelve credits is only $** per credit, so it’s an amazing deal compared to $15 per credit.

And then… some AUDIOBOOK DEALS!!:

  • You by Caroline Kepnes <— I LOVED THIS in book form (and the TV series too). Audiobook will probably be amazing. Here’s my Book Review

Jenn: You by Caroline Kepnes definitely gave me the chills, Joe is crazy scary but I found myself liking him so much and that scared me! 🙂

Patty: Favorite read…it has to be You by Caroline Kepnes! It has everything I haven’t read before and somehow you become a fan of the creepy stalking Joe Goldberg lol.

Mony: It was an angsty quirky hot 🔥read…yup…very delicious. The heroine Sailor is the daughter from the couple in Sparrow (Troy & Sparrow), and the hero is Hunter, a gazillionaire mawhore jerk. It’s an enemies-to-lovers slow burn. Dad Troy, a mafia kind of guy, gets his licks in the story which has twist and turns.

The secondary characters are fantastic. Shen has 3 more books coming in the series…”The Villain”, “The Monster” and “The Rake”. You can already tell which hot guy characters you’d pick for those books. *eyebrow wiggles*

This was a 5-star read as was her previous book Angry God (All Saints High, #3)…about Vicious’ son Vaughn.

Btw, I read The Hunter until 5 a.m. this morning – I never do that! Just wanted to finish the story. Told my husband I wasn’t feeling well and went to another room. shhhh 🙂

  • You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks & Sarah Pekkanen <— OH!!! I LOVE THESE AUTHORS TOGETHER and I haven’t read this one yet!! 😀

Michele G: I was fortunate enough to read You Are Not Alone early and enjoyed it. I wanted a little more from the ending but still gave it 4 stars.

I felt like it was a psych thriller with a more unusual premise than some I’ve read before.

Amanda: I really loved The Hating Game! I have the worst book memory but that one stuck with me.

Ria: The Hating Game by Sally Thorne is my favorite work romance.

Valerie: My favorite epic love story is The Fault in Our Stars. I ugly cried in this one.

Elizabeth: I kicked myself for waiting to read that and Fault In Our Stars.

Sheila: The last book that did that to me was The Fault in Our Stars, and I still don’t think I’m over that one after many months! (Even though now it’s like an addiction that keeps me re-reading it over and over again)

Michelle: Red Rising is another one of my favorite books and I’ve read nothing that compares to it – highly recommend! …stellar dystopian that was WOW for me

Michelle S: oooh – and Rosie Project, which I thought was hi-lar-i-ous!!! …I just adored that book! …So funny. And since it was written by a guy, the male POV was very very strong! And hilarious! If you’re in the mood for a light, witty, well written off-beat romance, this is it.

Missy: The Rosie Project was one of my favorite books I read last year! I have a child with autism, so the humor is totally relatable! I hope you enjoy!

Laura: I’m reading the Rosie project and oh I’m liking this he’s very much like sheldon from bbt but I’m imagining him hotter lol and I also find myself thinking god he’s totally right we do make a meal out of some things lol

  • The Martian by Andy Weir <— OMG MY FAV BOOK EVER!!! And the audiobook is on sale. You guys… MUST READ or LISTEN to this!! Here’s my Book Review

Maryse: Nerdy crush – The main character (Mark Watney) in AND the author (Andy Weir) of “The Martian” (holy moly – not romance but I crushed SO hard on both of them through that whole book). So clever, hilarious and excitingly scary!! LOL!!

The Martian for everyone that will only read romance. This book was addictive, exciting and scary and hilarious, and I fell hard for the main character AND the author (I have a crush on him… I love super-smart guys) 😉

Johanne: …I could not put it down. Needed to know more and more, wanted to find out the connections, the secrets, the reasons. Just like him! I could actually visualize the characters evolving and their stories mingling, unaware of each other at first. That book would make an excellent movie!”

Suanne: Six of Crows is still echoing in my head. Smart. Exciting. Suspenseful. A hint of swoon. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. You thought you had it figured out and then—WRONG! It gave me a total panic attack. Loved it.

marina: have been caught up in YA fantasy… Six of Crows and Crooked Kingdom and absolutely loving the world and characters.

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