Reader Question – The historical romance book where the Hero wanted revenge on a man that harmed his family…

Max needs our book help! Ohhhh this one sounds full of secrets and angst and since I don’t have much historical romance experience, I haven’t read it, but maybe you have?

She asks:

Hi Maryse,

Love your blog, I know I can always find something to read here if I’m in a reader rut 😉 . Keep up the good work!

Now I have been thinking about a book I read years ago but I can’t remember which one it actually was.

It’s Historical Romance and I first thought it might be a Lisa Kleypas book.

I remember it being part of a series…

The rest I remember does involve Spoilers so heads up…

I remember that the Hero had revenge on his mind on a man (a duke I think) that harmed his family (it resulted in death I don’t remember if it was murder of suicide), he marries the Heroin and she finds out his revenge…







…is meant for the man that is her father but the Hero does not know he is her father.

Meanwhile she searches all orphanages in London for the child left behind by her father and the woman/girl he killed.

Hope you can help me!!


Anyone have a guess?

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