Reader Question – The book about the masseuse that ends up dating her client…

Christabel is looking for two different books, so I’ll separate this into two questions. 🙂

She asks:


Please have been looking for two books that I read and wants to recommend to a friend but have forgotten the title or the author but remember the plot.


The heroine is a masseuse and her best friend begged her to replace her in massaging the hero.

They meet up and start dating.

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

She was hit with a bomb planted in the hero car and was in a coma for months.

Anyone have a guess?

Kathy: Ugh, I read this book. Wasn’t the hero a baseball player?

Nicolle: I’m sure I’ve read this too but in the one I read he was a Russian mafia boss

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