Friday Finds & Reader Recommendations – 10-09-2020

HAPPY FRIDAY and look at ALL the FRIDAY FINDS!!! And I’ll be adding more throughout the day as we find them.

Also… Prime Day (well TWO Prime Days) is almost here!! YAY FOR NEXT WEEK! I can’t wait to see what goes on sale and I’m hoping it’s tons of stuff from my wishlist or stuff that I already to buy so I can stock up. *claps with glee* I will be there with bells on and I will post my finds too. 😀

Today’s NEWSLETTER sponsor!! This one sounds like so much fun!! ➔➔➔ Five Fun Facts about Mya Oh’s sexy comedy romance, Hot Wet Trainwreck!


Cindy: I loved this book. One of my favorites!

Rae: I looovvveeed this one!

Amy: Love Left Behind by SH Kolee? I remember that one! SO fun.

Courtney: One of my favorites! I always check to see if she comes out with new books!



Mony: Re-read a “sleeper” book, The Boss Who Stole Christmas by Aston. For me, it’s not so much about Christmas but rather about the H.

The author does a wonderful job writing about him in a subtle, “OMG/what a hot book boyfriend” way! 😉 4★

Tasha J: Lock Every Door by Riley Sage… It’s a thriller, among the forgotten books I’ve marked on my tbr. Sounds so good!

  • Mr Mysterious by J.A. Huss <— RE-READ GOOD!! Mony 5-starred this one (and she just re-read it)!!

Mony: Also re-read Mr Mysterious, part of J A Huss’ great Mister Series.

This is one of my faves… about Pax, a wealthy “fixer” who’s living in Malibu beach house & being pursued/wooed by mysterious younger woman. It has that great Huss “edge.” 5★

  • Boss with Benefits: An Enemies to Lovers Billionaire Office Romance (Platinum Hearts Book 1) by Casey Blaise
  • Beautiful Secrets: A Dark Mafia Romance (Cruel Heroes Book 2) by Ariana Black
  • Hot Wet Trainwreck by Mya Oh <— LIVE!! A BAD BOY, A HOT MESS, A ROMANTIC COMEDY!!“…I’m Bailey Finch: twenty-four, living in LA, and working as the lowly Calendar Editor for a trendy Love & Relationships magazine – think Cosmo on methamphetamines. I mostly take coffee orders. I’m also woefully body-conscious, clinically anxious, and still a virgin. Not the cute, quirky sort, either. I’m a borderline train-wreck on my best days, and a dumpster fire on my worst. Cue Elijah Mattox: salacious film star prodigy, wanna-be mainstream actor, and arguably the best career opportunity to possibly fall into my lap. Or at least, that’s how it started – there was something much bigger yet to come…” AND!!! 😀 The author told me this story was inspired by:

Inspired by my love of Judd Apatow comedies.

  • Varsity Rulebreaker by Ginger Scott – LIVE!!! GINGER SCOTT ALERT!! SHE’S THE COACH’S DAUGHTER & SHE GETS WHAT SHE WANTS… “…breaking rules has taken Cannon Jennings far in life. One of the nation’s top pitching prospects, he came here to throw to his cousin and show college recruiters everything he could do on the mound. Taking his signs from a girl was not part of his blueprint, especially one that screwed over his favorite relative and best friend. Too bad he broke the biggest rule of all before he knew exactly who she was...”
  • I’ll Be Watching You Courtney Evan Tate (Courtney Cole!!) <— PSYCH-THRILLER SUPER-BARGAIN! HER TEEN DAUGHTER SUPPPSEDLY DROWNED… “...In deep grief, Emmy needs time and courage before she can enter Leah’s bedroom. But when she does, she finds something at first bewildering, then unspeakable, as she begins to understand the full implications… She uncovers evidence that Leah had been secretly involved with someone, someone perhaps older, someone with dark appetites…”
  • One and Only Series by Melanie Harlow <— EACH BOOK IS SUPER-BARGAIN PRICED TODAY!

Rae: Such a great story.

Jaime: I just finished Only Love by Melanie Harlow and Ryan is broody, but deep down so darn sweet.

Kristen Ashley: Random Sale Alert! Kindle has selected AT PEACE, FOR YOU and THE TIME IN BETWEEN for Kindle Monthly deals for the month of October, so I price-matched across other vendors!

JulieO: JOE from AT PEACE. Always loved him. All my life I’ve been the one who had to be in charge, make all the decisions, worry about everything. He’s the type that takes charge. And when he falls in love, he falls hard.

AStephens: You can’t beat At Peace by Kristen Ashley. It’s my favorite book by her.

Mony: Finished Cruel Paradise (Beautifully Cruel, #2) by Geissinger. My reading group got into a hot debate about which duet book they preferred! This one or Beautifully Cruel #1?

We were split down the middle but agreed these 2 books were fantastic & had amazing banter! 4-5★

Mony: finished the Rose Gardner Mystery series (9 books) by D. Swank and am missing it. It’s similar to the Island Chaptal series by C. Snow and Storm & Silence series by R. Thier.

Rose is a fantastic (and evolving) character as are the hot guys swirling around her and the secondaries. Humour, suspense and some magic too. 5★

  • Strung Tight (The Road To Rocktoberfest Book 1) by Ann Lister <— M/M ROMANCE ROCK STARS ALERT! “...My band was about to step onto our first professional stage. We’d more than earned our spot in the lineup. We had the talent and Dagger groomed our stage swagger. All that was left was to wow the socks off of the audience. It should be easy, except I had major anxiety issues and it’s frowned upon when lead singers collapse on stage from panic attacks. Another detail adding to my anxiety level, I recently fell in love with a man. Imagine that, a straight guy falling for a dude. It’s the stuff stories are made of – and yet it’s my life…”
  • Painted Lace by K.M. Neuhold <— LIVE!!! M/M ROMANCE!!
  • Geek Tattoo by R. Cayden <— LIVE!!! M/M ROMANCE!!
  • LIMITLESS: A Less Than Zero Rockstar Romance: Book 2: Jace & Alex by Kaylene Winter <— FAMOUS DRUMMER ALERT! “…Friends-with-benefits was the only thing he was capable of. Until free-spirited social media influencer Alexandria LeRoux made him an offer he couldn’t refuse. Their secret, spontaneous global hookups were decadent, erotic, extraordinary…”
  • Mindy Kaling <— SUPER-BARGAIN ALERT!  Mindy Kaling has a bunch of fun-sounding autobiographical books, and SO MANY OF HER BOOKS are on super-bargain sale right now!!!!!!


Mona: I really need to try this!

Maryse: I love it! I got a great deal on it when I first signed up for a year (and all of the included audiobook credits that came with it), and I used my credits on some super-expensive audiobooks that I wanted so badly (and it came out SO much cheaper that way for me).

Mona:  I was thinking it would be great for listening in the car or plane while traveling

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  • Rich Prick by Tijan <— THE AUDIOBOOK JUST WENT LIVE!!

PREORDERS (going live soon!!! 😀 )

Nancy: A Surprise Release coming Saturday (10/10/20)!!😲

…A former mansion once owned by a crime family. Today it is occupied by one big Italian family. It also is the start of the love story of “The heiress and the bartender.”

…Who would have thought that the bartender, would fall for the daughter of the man he was trying to take down? Packed full of action the story has lots of twist & turns. Highly Recommend!

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