Reader Question – The biker book with the enforcer that barely speaks, and the only girl that he listens to…

Anita needs our book help! Oh I LOVE reclusive broken Heroes and the heroines that soothe their souls!!

There’s one that I can think of (though I don’t remember if he was an enforcer) and that was Madeline Sheehan’s character “Dirty” in her Undeniable series (and we see his story with Ellie – though I don’t remember her being so much “sweet” as more like… a strong heroine). Still, this is my guess, or at least a guess with a very similar trope which is Unattainable. I LOVE this trope, and in fact, here’s my 4.5 star review of that one. 🙂

She asks:

I’m trying to find name of a book in the MC biker genre exists.

I think his name might have been Riot or Rage or Beast…..

Protagonist does not speak or barely does.  He enjoys killing because it calms  the demons in his head.

A sweet young girl who comes to live at the clubhouse, is the only person, that he listens to and they fall in love.

Anyone have a guess?

Kelsie: Tillie Cole’s Hades Hangman books! Souls Unfractured

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