Movie Review – Crazy Rich Asians

Crazy Rich Asians <—- WITH ALL THE BUZZ about this one, it’s been on my TBR list (AND my to be watched list) list for awhile now. I one-clicked the book by by Kevin Kwan a year or so ago, and then Amazon told me that the movie was on an amazing rental-sale (for Prime Day/Prime month 😉 ), so I dove in!!!! AND OMG IT TOOK MY BREATH AWAY!!!!!! Absolutely stunning in all senses of the word.

Maryse: I AM HITTING ALL of the awesome movies today!!! CRAZY RICH ASIANS is FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! My heart is overflowing right now. MUST WATCH – the music is AMAZING too (or must read!!)

Danielle: That’s one of my favorite movies!!

Holly: Such an amazing film, I’ve seen it so many times! The wedding makes me cry every time 🤣

Maryse: I cried too!!!

Page: Isn’t it funny!?

Maryse: YES!! So clever and fun!!!!

Elizabeth: Thats a great rom com!

Heather: I LOVED this movie and have rewatched it several times!

Rachel Van Dyken: It’s so good!!!!!!!

Stephanie: Love the books as well!!

Meghan: Agreed!! Love the book/movie

Melanie: How amazing is it! So funny!

Melissa: One of my favorites!!

Lila: Alright, I’m going to have to try it! 😊

Trish: I haven’t seen it yet!! Thanks for letting me know!!

Brooklyn: I wanna watch that!!

Maryse: Just you wait!! You are going to LOVE IT!

Blair Babylon: Loved it. Have seen it like 5 x now.

Steph Campbell: My FAV

Deb: This is one of those movies that no matter where it’s at in the movie or what I’m doing I sit down and watch it again and again and again I can’t get enough of it it’s absolutely wonderful

Vanessa: And it’s **** to own on Amazon prime video with Prime Day!!

Maryse: OMG I’m buying it!!!! I need this to play over and over again. This movie will be one of my happy-places.

So what’s it about?

Our wonderful heroine (Rachel) is a young but successful economics professor, and despite certain struggles growing up (having been raised by her single mother who worked tirelessly to give a good life to her daughter), she’s secure and happy having been raised in a loving and supportive household.

And now… she’s happily in love with her wonderful boyfriend Nick who invites her to fly home to Singapore with him for a vacation and to meet his family. And that’s when she realizes something HUGE about him that he omitted to tell her. He’s from and INCREDIBLY wealthy family. Like… the wealthiest EVER.

And as she attempts to get used to this new insight, and incredible opulence, she gets a subtle (at first) taste of his somewhat overbearing family, their expectations for his future and his future wife, and she’s got some incredible (and unfair) hurdles ahead of her.

WHOA. Seriously. I was GLUED and had my heart in my throat for so much of it. And the belly laughs definitely served to ease up the tension.

This is now one of my all-time forever favorite movies, and I will watch it again and again. It had EVERYTHING I love in a movie. Fantastic actors that had tons of chemistry (whether they be friendships, family members… and especially the love story – and love stories).

Strong characters. Amazingly supportive characters (and some goofy ones too!!) and a villain or two (or a few with their own agendas) thrown into the mix that really set us up for a HUGE *ooooomph*. An “OH NO SHE DIDN’T!!!!” kind of fury that I LOVE (including classism issues that I felt deep in my core). And of course, amazing growth… in a few characters, in fact. 😉

Yep! I believed every single moment of it. It was laugh-out-loud funny (and so endearing), it was super-angsty at a certain point (and for good reason), even infuriating a couple of times. I FELT ALL OF IT.

Honestly, I’m a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t read it first (likely, the book is even better), but as a movie, it was just gorgeous to see. Visually stunning (from the parties, the extravagance, and the gorgeous actors… the funny antics.

And OMG THAT WEDDING). *thud*  The most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen (a family member’s wedding – no spoilers from me about the main couple here). 😉

Mary Elizabeth: Wasn’t the wedding scene in the movie the most beautiful movie wedding ever???!!!

Maryse: IT IS THE MOST BEAUTIFUL WEDDING I’ve ever seen in my life!!!!! Even more stunning than royal weddings. It absolutely took my breath away. ❤

Debra Anastasia: The water wedding scene!!


bev: Watching Crazy Rich Asians. Now that is an OTT wedding. But love, “Bok Bok bitch” lol.

So to have watched it was a total treat for the eyes (and the heart). I’m thrilled!

And guess what? I’m dying to know more about these amazing, heartfelt people and what’s in store for them, and there are more books in the series (it’s a trilogy!!), so I’m definitely reading those. I can’t possibly wait for any potential future movies, because I already miss these people. So reading it is!

Rochelle Paige: I loved this movie! The books are great, too!

5 STARS!!!!

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