Reader Question – The book about the girl from the “wrong side of the tracks” that he broke up with, and now she’s famous…

Lori needs our book help! I love it when opposites attract, and this one sounds like it’s got tons of heartbreak gathering into a potential second chance romance! I’m dying to know it too!

She asks:

Need help finding/remembering a book.

A LONG time ago, decades probably, I read a book about a high school girl “from the wrong side of the tracks.”  She and the football star fell in love but all his friends hated her, thinking she was using him to get out of her horrible life (no mother, drunk abusive father).

A lie is made up and they break up.

Fast forward many years, she’s now in Hollywood and very successful and they end up reconnecting and all the past secrets come out.

For some reason, I want to think the title was Jennifer or her name was Jennifer but I could be very wrong.

All these years later, the book stuck with me and I’d love to figure out what it was.


Anyone have a guess?

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