Reader Question – The book about the best friends that are living together in Vegas and are perceived as a couple…

Tera is looking for this one and I don’t have a clue. But maybe you do?

She asks:

Hi Maryse!

Love your blog so much and look forward to your publication list every Tuesday as well as all of the other great info and heads up I get!!

I’ve been filtering thru my iBooks and kindle trying to jog my memory about a book title.  Could have sworn it was a KA book, but it’s not, but it’s very KA-ish.

Vaguely remember a situation where main character was living with a best friend man and it was perceived they were together (not the case, just best friends) working and or running a club in Vegas.

I’m sure there was a misunderstanding and old flame/ love finds her…..

I’m completely lost tho.  Any help would be welcome.


Anyone have a guess?

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