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Written in a casual tone directed at teens and 20-somethings, this volume covers all aspects of consent, including sexual and emotional awareness, societal influences, the law, what consent looks like, and what to do in the event of a sexual assault. Bradshaw takes the discussion beyond “no means no” and even “yes means yes” into the real world. She gives concrete examples, tools, and exercises that young people can apply to their lived experiences. She acknowledges the complicated feelings that can arise and the difficulty of dealing with rejection. She also gives a simplified explanation of the science behind our fight-or-flight response and why we sometimes appear to consent when we really want to run away screaming. This text is addressed to all genders and sexualities, though it does not hesitate to acknowledge and break down gendered pressures and stereotypes. It is not only targeted at theoretical targets of assault; it clearly explains that if you can’t honor someone’s boundaries, you are not ready to have sex. Despite a few awkward sentences and corny acronyms, this is an invaluable resource for readers wishing to learn more about these critical subjects.

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