Reader Question… Solved! How long do I have to wait for book #3 in Jennifer L. Armentrout’s “Blood and Ash” series?


SO MANY in our book world are absolutely LOVING this new fantasy romance series by one of our favorite authors, Jennifer L. Armentrout. In fact, by book-twin Tasha J, just devoured the first two books in this series thinking it was a duet and now she’s dying for #3.

And guess what? We just got the title and approx release date news for #3! 🙂 But first… LOOK AT THIS BOOK LOVE!!!

Tasha J: I picked up From Blood and Ash yesterday and red until 4am only to get up for a soccer game at 8. By 1:30 I kept telling myself 10 more minutes, but I couldn’t stop. I now have to start book 2 today but I don’t trust myself to go to bed on time. Can’t start it yet as I decided on a whim to fall-ify my outdoors and start a bunch of crafts I don’t have time for. 😅

Maryse: GASP!!!!!!!! It must be AMAZING!

Tasha J: It was super good! I think it helped that I had been craving this kind of fantasy/romance book and was in dire need of a good binge read.

Tasha J: Oh, AND I’m working off 3.5hrs of sleep bc of Jennifer L. Armentrout, AGAIN. I have a headache. Anyway, I did that thing where we tell ourselves 10 more minutes, A LOT, and by 2:30 by darnit I was seeing it through. I HAD to know, ok? I had to know what the Maiden was and I’m so blipping frustrated!

Cuz I went into this thinking it was a duet…. I dk why, ok? I did zero research, zero synopsis reading. I just wanted relief after the 1st and now I have no relief with this one either. 😭 When is the 3rd one coming??? Will I have to wait long?

It was good though, I loved it. I liked the world building more and all the history and battlement of the feelings and tension. Some parts were too drawn out and a little repetitive, but not enough so to deter my race to the end.

Mony: yup…it’s going around. Such a wonderful decadent pleasure…😉

Tasha J: It’s absolutely wonderful! Nothing better than a good binge read. But oh so exhausting! Lol. I’m not ready to leave it (the blissful bubble) I need another. Preferably book 3. 😭😂🤣

And here’s the answer!! The author relieves us with this tidbit:

“Super excited to reveal the title of the 3rd Blood and Ash book! THE CROWN OF GILDED BONES releases in April 2021. Pre order links and all that good stuff coming soon!”

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