Reader Question – The Reverse Harem book where she’s in a secret gang, and they call her Wolf.

Mannat has another reader question for us! I’m not well-versed in reverse harem, but I know we have some mega fans of the genre here! 😀

She asks:

I am trying to find a reverse harem book but can’t remember the title.

I know the heroine goes to an academy and she knows how to fight and has killed people. She is like one of the seat holders in a secret gang and they call her wolf.

These people have small diamonds, each person has a unique color, and if you hand one out to someone you owe them a favor.

One of the guys was in a band or wrote music.

She becomes bffs with one of the guys sister and all of them don’t like her in the first book.

Does anyone remember?

Anyone have a guess?

Megan: I think the book is called Just Drop Out: Hannaford Prep Year One by J Bree 🙂 x

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