Reader Question – The book about the arranged marriage because he has shares in her father’s business…

Mannat needs our book help! DARK ROMANCE… and I am absolutely clueless on this one!

She asks:


I am trying to find a book but can’t remember the title or author.

I know that the heroine goes to visit her ex-husbands mom in the hospital after she gets heart surgery and she goes because she doesn’t think her ex-husband with show. He does show and she tries to avoid him but she ends up going back to his mothers cabin with him because of a storm.

They hook up and she thinks that the end.

Her father had warned her not to marry him and her father and her did not have a good relationship but they got close and made up after she left him and a few months before her father died.

The ex-husband manages to get some of the shares of their business due to the heroines sisters bad business move and she agrees to “be his” if they get the business back.

It was kind of a dark read.

I think the eldest sister names her daughter pearl or something.

If you guys know which book this is please let me know.

Do you have a guess?

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