Reader Question – The book about the player hero that teaches tennis, and the mousy heroine…

Ashley needs our book help! I love this trope! Opposites attract of course, but even better when the hero falls for the girl that’s not normally his type. LOVE THAT! Although, Ashley doesn’t mention the “falling for” part, but I’m deducing it from my past “opposites” reads. 😉

She asks:

Hello Maryse,

I am looking for a specific book.

The hero moves to a new town, to be close to his father, who doesn’t know who he is. He starts working at a country club and teaches tennis lessons to the ladies, amongst other things.

He begins teaching a young women and the whole time her sister is watching and criticizing him.

The hero is a bit of a jerk and player and I believe the heroine would be described as being plump, mousy and tomboyish.

Thanks in advance,


Anyone have a guess?

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