Friday Finds & Reader Recommendations – 09-25-2020

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE!!! Today’s list has a ton of reader recommendations (one of ’em made Pia lose her mind) so I had to put hers first. LOL!! 😉 Plus some new releases, too. I’ll be adding more throughout the day as I find ’em. 😀

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Today’s “Blast From Our Book Past” highlights:



  • The Ravenhood Duet by Kate Stewart <— PIA LOST HER MIND OVER THIS DUET!!!! OMG I NEED TO READ THIS ASAP!

Pia: Reading about your dreams Maryse reminds me of my latest read – The Ravenhood Duet by Kate Stewart. The heroine has the most explicit dreams as well. I know you have read severel Kate Stewart books, and you really have to read this one.


I have read so many of her books – Drive and Heartbreak Warfare have been my favorites so far. But this one tops everything she has ever written. I finished it last night, and don’t know how I will be able to start another book – I just want to stay in Triple Falls and in Cecilias life.

I could quote the entire book, but this one stood out:

“I do what thieves do, I stole you”.

5 stars are not nearly enough.

Amy: What I’m reading NOW though has me completely hooked. It’s called The Light We Lost by Jill Santpolo, and it’s written in the form of the h talking to the H, which I don’t think I’ve ever read before. She’s talking about their past from the time they met.

The writing flows perfectly for me, it isn’t over the top in any way, it’s REAL, and the foreshadowing is driving me crazy (in a good way). I don’t know if it’s going to hurt or not, but something big IS coming!

Jan: Have you tried Kate Canterbary’s new(ish) Boss In the Bedsheets? It’s better than it sounds from the title. I enjoyed it.

Mony: I loved Boss in the Bedsheets…I’m making my way through some of her books too. (Canterbary is hidden gem, I think.) All because of Jan’s author recommendation a while back!

Nancy: …He changed her life. She just wanted him to know, he was not just an injured hockey player. He was her hero. I really did enjoy this book, as well as the last in the series: FALLING NORTH, and look forward to the next book: FINDING EAST when it is released…

  • Scottish Wedding Date (Sexy Scots Book 1) by Tori Pine
  • The Defender by Donna Grant <— SUPER-BARGAIN ALERT!! HER COVER IS BLOWN... “...Reyna Harris is used to danger and living on the edge. An ex-CIA operative, she’s been embedded with the Saints for years, trying to take them down from the inside. When her cover is blown, she is forced to trust a man she just met, fighting their way out of one battle after another. But there’s something about Lev that Reyna knows she can trust. And love. She needs Lev – and not just to take a swipe at the Saints. Together they’re an unstoppable force…
  • Slade’s Sanctuary (Saxon Family Book 1) by May Gordon
  • Drake (Black Hearts MC Book 2) by Ruth Colby
  • When the Night is Over by Lily Foster <— RECENT RELEASE & HARPER ENJOYED IT!

Harper: Just finished When the Night is Over by Lily Foster. I was so worried about the hidden pregnancy trope, but I loved it!!! The h had very good reasons. The story is very well written and detailed. The love between them was so genuine and sweet that it won me over pretty quickly.

The story is also very realistic when it comes to the behavior of a sixteen and eighteen years old couple living in very bad environments. I recommend it! I gave it 4 stars.

Tasha J: So, I have literally 19% left of Playing With Fire. The book I started yesterday about this time. Yep, I’ve been all consumed. It’s so well written and I loooove it!! I’ve so been missing the new adult/college underground fighter trope, but even better, the characters feel more unique to me.

I’m not annoyed at all, lol. That’s harsh, but after reading so many of these books, it’s usually about the same formula every time. I’m not even skimming the smexy scenes, not at all. 😳 I went to bed at 7 last night, stayed up till 2. This is becoming a habit.

Tasha J: I’ve just finished Anxious People by Fredrik Backman. I’m emotionally spent, as is typical when finishing one of his books. It took a minute to get into the way it’s written, in the beginning, but boy when things start getting serious and coming together, 🥺🥰😢.

I laughed, came close to crying, and totally connected because it’s relatable. I am an anxious person, but also it’s just human.

  • Night In A Waste Land (Hell Theory Book 2) by Lauren Gilley <— LAUREN GILLEY’S LATEST!! “Night in a Waste Land” is the second in a new supernatural/horror erotica series based loosely on the legends of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table, set in the not-too-distant future. Featuring angels, demons, mythology, monsters, plenty of steam, and an eventual OT3. Dark, weird, and sexy, Hell Theory isn’t for the faint of heart…”


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