Reader Question – The book about wolf shifters where the Alpha and Beta both mated with the same female…

Mona needs our book help! Oooooooh this one sounds like it could be a super-sticky situation. 😉 Eeeeeep! One that comes to my head is one where both shifters were brothers (maybe even twins), and that one had so much steam and tension it was off the charts! I’ll post my “guess” below though I’m pretty sure it’s not the right one.

She asks:

Does anyone remember a book about wolf shifters where the Alpha and Beta both mated with the same female?

I remember something about the Alpha being in the same room and kept growling so the Beta asked him if he was okay or needed to leave, or something like that.

It seems like a member of her pack had killed her father so she ran away to another pack (but that could be a detail from another book).

I also believe it was KU since I can’t find it in my library. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! Unfortunately, because I read an average of five books a week, I can never remember how long ago it was or a lot of detail.

Thank you!  I really love your blog and FB posts!  You have helped me find so many great books and authors—yes, you help feed my reading addiction! 🤣

Anyone have a guess?

Maryse: I’m going to guess (and this a long shot) but could it be Karin Tabke’s Blood Law?

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