Reader Question – The book about her reclusive, alcoholic, angry neighbor and she’d check in on him…

Maarja needs our book help, and she made me giggle when she said she doesn’t even know if she liked it that much (she wasn’t finished reading it) but she’s obsessed about finding it now. LOL! Let’s help! 😀

In fact, I have 2 guesses, but the first one is the one I’m pretty sure she’s looking for. 😀

She asks:

Hi Maryse!

I’ve been a silent stalker of your blog for a while (it’s amazing!), but now I`d like to try my luck with finding a book I started a while ago and never finished. I’m not even sure whether I liked it that much, but now I’m just obsessed with finding this darn book! 😀

I believe the hero used to be a hotshot movie director/screewriter something like that, and then something happened to his wife (she died? was cheating on him? divorced him? Something along these lines) and he moved to a cabin in a small (mountain) town and basically became an alcholic and a recluse.

The heroine went to check on him and he was super-drunk and not nice to her and some rather hot hanky-panky ensued.

I also think there was a (car) accident happening to one of the townspeople and the heroine helped them out?

I think the book either was a part of a series of books featuring other couples or then the author had other books following the same cover design.

Thank you in advance!

Anyone have a guess?

Maryse: Okay yes ME!!!! ME ME ME!!! 😀 I think it’s Tragic (Lark Cove Book 3) by Devney Perry and I LOVED it. Though for some weird reason I can’t remember the “hot shot movie guy” part? Either way, that’s my guess. 🙂 Here is my 4.5 star book review.

Maryse: And my other guess might be Someone Else’s Ocean by Kate Stewart (another great read). Here is my 4 star book review, though really it’s not a real guess since this one is in beach houses on the ocean (but still an amazing similar feel), so if you loved my first guess, you’ll love this one too. 😀

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