Naughty Neighbor: Falling for a Libra is LIVE & the authors have sent over a fun tidbit about “Libra Men” :)

<— FUN-SOUNDING ZODIAC SERIES ALERT!! Book #1 (Naughty Neighbor: Falling for a Libra (Falling for the Stars) JUST WENT LIVE!! 😀 Lauren Runow & Jeannine Colette have teamed up together again and are co-writing these sexy romances, and they’ve sent something over in regards to the “Libra” man (who is, in fact, the hero of THIS book). AND!! He’s her annoying HOT neighbor and I love that trope!! 😀 YAY US!

And our fellow book-bud Nancy 5-STAR LOVED IT! Here’s a little snippet from her review:

…This starts as a slow-burn romance, but once Lacey & Jake have that first hot kiss, the pages “figuratively” seem set on fire…

…Jake Moreau is just so swoon worthy! I highly recommend you read this entertaining book…

P.S. Sidenote about me: I LOVE anything to do with zodiac signs and horoscopes. It’s a little guilty pleasure for me, and, I realized that I seem to attract Libras and Scorpios into my life the most. I have no idea how that happens. So many of my favorite people in the world are one of those two signs. Go figure. There must be something to it. 😉

And the authors sent over this little “exclusive tidbit” about the Libra man, that they put together for us:

The Libra man is an expert communicator who always has the perfect thing to say. So, what could go wrong with loving a Libra?

He is charming, diplomatic, tactful, and wildly charismatic. He’ll be your best friend, and easy for your parents and friends to fall head over heels for as well! If you’re dating a Libra man, this easy-going nature can come off as shallow and uncommitted but stick it out because the Libra husband is fair, wise, and a good judge. He will always need some alone time, which can leave you feeling lonely, but when he’s back…he’s as charming as ever!

The best part about the Libra man? He’s an adventurer in the bedroom! He seeks rough play and is always up for new positions in bed. Stimulate his mind with erotic conversation followed by some long and passionate foreplay. The Libra man is a morning person so use those precious ten to fifteen minutes in the morning for romance and a delicious dose of love from your man.

So what’s this book about?

As a romance novelist, I’m facing my worst nightmare—writer’s block. No matter what I write, I hit delete, knowing it’s not worth publishing. The future of my career rests on the success of this new book.

So, here I am, looking at Tumblr, desperate for inspiration, when I hear a thumping. Annoyed by the music blaring through the walls, I barge into the hall and bang on my neighbor’s door.

My very hot, very naughty neighbor, Jake Morreau.

Jake is romantic, charming, and the bane of my existence. I need to work, yet he refuses to let me. When he greets me in the hallway, ideas of a sinfully hot hero come to mind. When he takes me out on the town, the words flow as soon as I come home. The more time I spend with this entertaining and quick-witted man, the more I’m able to write.

My neighbor is my muse, and before I know it, I slowly become the heroine of my own story, but I don’t know how to end it.

As I write the epilogue, I’m afraid our romance won’t pan out as I’ve written. Jake Morreau is my hero. Then again, in my life, heroes don’t exist.

* The Falling for the Stars series are complete standalone novels where each book follows a hero from a different Zodiac sign.






➔➔➔  Looking for more romance books feature a hot or annoying or brooding & moody neighbor (or all of these combined)? Browse my “neighbor category” on my blog. 😀

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