Claire C. Riley – A Devil’s Highwaymen Romance Duet Reading Order

<— BEAUTY AND THE BEAST RE-TELLING IN A BIKER WORLD!!! And I’ve been getting so many enthusiastic comments and anticipation for book #2, that I HAD to look into this (plus, Claire C. Riley is a favorite amongst many of us here). 😀

Sarah: Looking forward to Tame His Beast Part 2 by Claire C Riley that’s on the 30th! Great way to round out the month!

Brittney: I’m getting my list together to start my “Halloween” reads! Which always includes some badass bikers! Tame His Beast 1 will be a reread before Tame His Beast 2 comes out on Sept 30!! Claire C Riley for the win!!

Emma: Ohh looking forward to part 2 of Tame His Beast by Claire Riley !!!

About book #1:

*Tame his Beast is a two-part MC romance set in the theme of Beauty & the Beast and based in the Devil’s Highwaymen World. *

A Devils Highwaymen MC Romance Story: anti-heroes with love for only one woman

‘Remember, the Devil was once an angel too’

Tame his Beast Part #1

Beast, an enforcer for the Devil’s Highwaymen MC, wakes up months after being captured and tortured by another club and discovers brutal and ugly scars covering over half his body.

Once a beautiful man, able to woo any woman into his bed, now his face and body are their own horror story.
Though the torture has stopped, Beast continues to relive the agony. He can’t tell anyone about the nightmares he keeps having or about the fear and depression that are tearing him apart inside. He’s the club’s weapon, and he can’t show weakness.

With no one to trust and nowhere to go, his fear slowly dissolves into rage.

Belle is working as a trainee nurse at Emory Saint Joseph’s Hospital when Beast is brought in. She’s at first fearful of the dark-eyed man, and the MC behind him, but refuses to let anyone see that.

Brought up by her godmother, she’s been taught to trust her instincts and always see the beauty in people…even if at first you only see the ugly.

He’s full of loneliness and anger.
She’s full of hope and love.
Can Belle see behind the beast and thaw his heart before his rage engulfs him? Or will the broken monster destroy her right alongside himself?


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