Book Review – The New Science of Perfect Skin: Understanding Skin Care Myths and Miracles For Radiant Skin at Any Age by Daniel Yarosh Phd

The New Science of Perfect Skin: Understanding Skin Care Myths and Miracles For Radiant Skin at Any Age by Daniel Yarosh Phd

A NEW BOOK REVIEW!! This one’s a little different ’cause it’s not fiction, but it is something I’m obsessed with (skin care!!). This is a book that I’ve been essentially “following” for over a decade now. And while I’m sure there are great more recent skin care books, this one worked for me, and continues to, so I thought I’d review it. 😉

I DEVOURED and re-read this book in the first year that I purchased it, and I’ve been devoutly following his methods since (so much so, that I didn’t realize I didn’t have the book anymore). For the most part, I have his ways and reasons memorized. 😉 The book actually came to mind again when I was re-purchasing one of the face creams that I LOVE and have been using for a over a decade because he recommends it. I’ll list my favorites of his recommendations below.

Excellent and interesting book explaining skin, and how products work on skin. I’ve read so many articles written by doctors that say no skin product on the market today (expensive or otherwise) will do anything other than “moisturize”. However, Daniel Yarosh indicates otherwise, and explains in detail why certain products DO work, and how they work.

I love how he makes many different product list recommendations depending on what you are looking for in skin care (and also lists what “hype” to look out for). The products he recommends range from anything you can find at your local Walmart or pharmacy, to expensive department store products. No matter the cost, he explains why and how the product works, from his scientific analysis.

Now this book (when it was written) initially promoted his own line of skin care products, and back then, when I *could* find them, I’d buy them (as his company was bought out by a big cosmetics company), and the products were eventually discontinued, or changed with new marketing and labels so I’m not sure how close they are anymore to his formulas. So who knows? When I did use his products, I LOVED them but they were pricey as heck! But you could tell… it was amazing stuff.

But again, despite pointing out the benefits of his skin care line, he doesn’t let that detract from other products that he deems effective and THOSE are the products I now use.

So far, I’ve taken his recommendations, and have had great success. Many years ago, I had a moderate bout of adult acne on my cheeks (for about a year – despite never having suffered from it in the past) and no matter what I used, it persisted. Crazy adult hormones? Who knows. It never happened to me as a teen.

Since this book, I’ve managed to get that completely under control, and even completely fade my acne scars over the years of using his recommendations. Now my skin is perfectly hydrated, smooth, evenly toned and I’m proud of my skin again!

What worked for me (recommended from his book):


Here it is! MY HOLY GRAIL of moisturizers Olay Total Effects Moisturizing Vitamin Complex. I use the fragrance free one ’cause I’m not big on perfumes in my face creams. 😉 And anytime I try a new one, I end up going right back to this one because the others just don’t work with my skin like this one does for various reasons.  It was recommended in this book (as one with a verified significant amount of actual vitamins as listed) and SO affordable. I went with it, and I’m so pleased with it and in my opinion, the formula hasn’t changed at all since I first started using it (which makes me happy). CONSISTENT, and my skin shows it.


One of his recommendations was Proactiv, but I ended up using Acne Free 3 Step 24 Hour Acne Treatment Kit. Also my skin seems to respond better to Benzoyl Peroxide based products. It worked well. I no longer use it (since my acne cleared up) and my current regimen is keeping my skin under control.

OH!!! And had I seen this trio back when I was having acne issues, I might have given this one a try (La Roche-Posay Effaclar Dermatological Acne Treatment 3-Step System) also, as I LOVE LaRoche-Posay and the reviews on this kit are incredible.

Neutrogena On-the-Spot Acne Treatment (works well too!)

P.S. I had this book for years in paper form, and now I can’t find it anymore but YAY ME ’cause there’s a Kindle version now so I’m re-buying it. 😀


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