Reader Recommendations – Our favorite books featuring a pregnancy resulting from a fake relationship…

Kiana wants book recommendations for this particular trope!! And what’s fun is I remember SO many years ago (a decade ago), when one of my best friends was hooked on romance books with pregnancies. Whenever I see new “ooops-pregnancy” book releases, I always think of Samantha. 😉


Hi Maryse!

I have been a big fan of your book blog and getting recommendations.

Would you recommend any books which has a fake relationship or marriage with a pregnancy?

I’m in the mood for some books with romance pregnancy 🙂

Hi Kiana!

I’ll try and run through my memory of books in my head (this may take awhile) for books that match your more specific request (which sounds awesome!!!).

In the meantime, I DO have a “pregnancy” category on my blog, which has anything from reviews, to recommendations, to series, to reader questions involving a character with a pregnancy (in all sorts of situations).

This is a good start! 😀

Anyone have a favorite recommendation for her?

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