Monday Early Bird Book Releases – 09-14-2020

HAPPY MONDAY EVERYONE!! 20 new books just went live (including 10 new additions to Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland “Cocky Heroes Club”) and I’ll add more as we find ’em!


1.) I just got my latest “Butcher Box” order (all organic, grassfed and best of all – no grocery shopping required for meat right now)  and in it, I received a HUGE pork butt, so guess what I MADE yesterday????? *happy dances* Mississippi Pot Roast!!!! Though as usual, whenever I cook something all day, I end up not being in the mood to eat it, and I ate something else altogether. Am I the only one that does that?

2.) My “Witches Brew” Yankee Candle has proven itself beautifully even after all these years since I last smelled one. Smells exactly like I remembered it, fills a room nicely, and I’ve burned it 48 hours, and I’m only a quarter of the way down with no “soot” all over the glass. I LOVE IT! Nostalgia.

3.) This weekend’s natural hair curly-girl (wavy-girl) session has been the best yet. I took pics, and I found recent pics of my “usual-natural hair” that was a slightly wavy frizzy mess (due to all of the curling and straightening for years). And yet I still loved it. So now… this is SO much better. I will be posting the pics soon (a sort of before and after).

Here’s my hair from the back… this weekend. THAT is air-dried natural – no diffuser (with my awesome products and plopping). WHO KNEW??!!!?? ➔➔➔➔➔➔➔➔




The first ten books on today’s list are part of the Penelope Ward & Vi Keeland “Cocky Heroes Club”

These books are written by various authors and inspired by Keeland and Ward’s blockbuster New York Times bestselling series of standalones that all began with the smash hit Cocky Bastard.”

  1. Brash Boss by A. S. Roberts <— MAFIA MARRIAGE ALERT!! “…In over my head, Drowning in debt, With no clear way out. But when a sexy, commanding mob boss makes me an offer. I can’t refuse. After all, It can’t be that hard being married to the Brash Boss.  But deals struck over money should never involve the heart...”
  2. Bitter Edge by Ariana Rose
  3. Tough Customer by Erin St. Charles
  4. Cocky Jerk by Janine Infante Bosco <— A COP GAVE HER THREE TICKETS!! “…A couple of weeks later, in between fetching coffee and finding the missing paperclips, I received a text message from my dad, the president of the Corrupt Hellraisers MC, ordering me to the compound. Yeah, try explaining that to your new boss. Hey, I’ve gotta go. Everyone in my family is a criminal and we’re all on lockdown. You’re fired. Sure enough when I arrived at the clubhouse, everyone was in cuffs and the jerk who pulled me over was the one ushering my father out of the clubhouse. They say you never see the bad guys coming. Well, I didn’t see the cocky jerk coming either…”
  5. Mister Dimples by Lindsay Becs <— FOOTBALL STAR ALERT!! She used to make fun of his team on her podcast… “...I thought Troy Tipton was just a nice guy with a gorgeous smile. Until I learned he was a fan-favorite NFL star quarterback. The same one gracing magazine covers with his irresistible dimples. The same one I mock on my show. When we start dating, the explosive chemistry we share is impossible to ignore…”
  6. Eligible Ex-husband by Marie Johnston
  7. Bestselling Bastard by Nicole Rodrigues <— TWO CO-AUTHORING AUTHORS MEET… “…Two newbie authors, one sketchy Instagram DM, a few phone calls, a drunken live video plotting out our next best seller and then BOOM! Trending and on the radar of every publishing company in the industry, we make it–together. A best seller list, two literary agents and we’re cruising by for the next year…until we don’t. Writer’s block hits and Lorenzo and I are forced to finally meet face to face, retreating to a cabin in the woods all weekend to bang out our next big hit. I don’t think our agents wanted us to bang out each other but that’s what happens. Over and over again on every damn inch of that cabin...”
  8. Sexy Seaman by Paige Steele Author
  9. Reckless Rebel by TC Matson <— HE HELPED HER WHEN SHE CAUGHT HE MAN CHEATING “…My life was a revolving door of fun and women until a jaw-dropping beauty caught her man cheating on her. All I could think about was making sure he realized his mistake…and rubbing it in his face. I laid a kiss on her to rival all others. But I wasn’t prepared for the kiss to knock me to my knees as she stormed off without giving me her name. When I run into her again a few weeks later, I’m determined not to let her go…”
  10. Heartless Bastard by Tonya Brooks
  11. Moments in Ink: A Montgomery Ink: Boulder Bonus Romance by Carrie Ann Ryan
  12. Locked Heart by Eden Finley <— M/M ROMANCE!!
  13. Centered (Gold Hockey Book 9) by Elise Faber <— HOCKEY PLAYER KEEPS GETTING TRADED… “He’d been traded to four teams in as many years and it was widely accepted that his career was nearly at an end. Now he was with the San Francisco Gold, barely on the lineup and just waiting for notice that he’d been scratched from every game. His trade to another—and probably final—team was imminent. That was that. He was embracing the fact that his playing days were over— Then he met Mia. She was funny and sweet and the most beautiful woman he’d ever laid eyes on. Unsurprisingly, Liam had fallen and fallen fast. But he was about to be traded and Mia lived in San Francisco. Her life was there . . .  And how in the hell was he going to leave the woman he loved?”
  14. Going Under (Wildfire Lake Book 2) by Skye Jordan
  15. When the Earl Met His Match (Wedded by Scandal Book 4) by Stacy Reid
  16. Resonance of Stars (Greenstone Security Book 5) by Anne Malcom
  17. Grease Babe (The OGs Book 2) by Elle Aycart <— THE SHERIFF IS DRIVING HER CRAZY! “…Rachel’s upbringing was rough, but at 34, she loves the life she’s built for herself. She adores her grandmother, Alden, and her job as a mechanic. Now, if her grandma and her friends would just stop getting into trouble, everything would be perfect. She’s doing her best to keep them on the straight and narrow, but she spends more time arguing with the sheriff than working in her garage. Case in point the OGs’ latest stunt, which got all of them, Rachel included, sentenced to community service. So now she has to keep an eye on the crazy grannies and on the street teenage thugs she’s been court-ordered to teach mechanics to. And all thanks to the sheriff and that huge, unbendable stick up his ass…”
  18. One Step After Another (The After Another Trilogy Book 1) by Bethany-Kris <— SHE’S GOOD AT HIDING… “...The broken girl she once was no longer exists. Now a trained assassin for The League, she’s turned into the worst nightmare for the monsters who once haunted her every waking moment. She has to be … it’s the only way to keep her past safe. That is if she can keep it from catching up…”
  19. Pickup Lessons (Awkward Arrangements Book 3) by Tanya Gallagher
  20. Casualties and Cupcakes (A Bakery Romance Series Book 1) by Charlotte Daniels

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