Reader Recommendations – Our absolute favorite books that you might not have read yet…

NEW LIST TIME!!! 😀 I’d LOVE to start a list of UNFORGETTABLE FAVORITE books that we haven’t seen make our favorites lists on the blog yet (or much).

You know what I mean? Do you have an absolute favorite that you wish would make more of our favorites roundups and get more readers hooked on it?

Joclyn: Following this so I can get some good ideas for my next books!

Let’s make a list:

Sarah: The Last Hour of Gann by R. Lee Smith! The book was something I didn’t think I’d like but it made me see things so differently love it.

Maryse: I need to finally read that author’s books. SO much love for it from a few in our crew.

Kim: one of my all time favorites! I still think about it years later.

Jodie: all her books are amazing!

Lena: I have so many!!!

Lene:  it ends with us and on the island 🥺

Becky: The Idea of You…I love that book so hard

Maryse: I LOVED all the ones you’ve mentioned but… ohhhh!!! I haven’t read This is the wonder yet!!! YAY ME!!!! Here are my book review of the first 3. 🙂

Robin: The Last Hour by Charles Sheehan-Miles. It’s book 3 in the Thompson Sisters series but my favorite. I recommend reading the entire series but book 2 does introduce the characters in The Last Hour so I’d read that also.

Lisa: I loved this series. I wish he would write more

Robin:  bawled after reading The Last Hour. I will never forget the book trauma I experienced

Maryse: Agreed!!! One of the best of the best and so unique and intense and amazing and clever. More people need to read this one (and this series) for sure! Here’s my 5 star Book Review – The Last Hour

Heather: Last Words by Shari J. Ryan 

Maryse: I havent read it!! YAY!!!!

Karen: One book I couldn’t stop thinking about was …Last Words. That book was so gripping and emotional. I loved it!

Kathy: Just discovered I have one of Shari Ryan’s books on my Kindle (Last Words). I will have to read it next!!

Anna: Oh boy I wish everyone would read Echoes of You by Margaret McHeyzer. It’s so different and beautiful and all the feels

Maryse: Thank you Anna!!! I haven’t read it yet. 😀

Tanya: All The Pretty Monsters series by Kristy Cunning

Maryse: I haven’t read it! YAY!!!! 😀

Teri: I know you used to feature TJ Klune a long time ago. His more recent series Green Creek (starting with Wolfsong) is insanely good.

Maryse: HUGE fans here of that series for sure. Thank you Teri!!

Jan: Wolfsong is the only TJ Klune I’ve read, but I loved it, so maybe I should try some others.

MichelleS: Ravensong was tremendous. Darker than Wolfsong. All the feels! “dirt and leaves and rain”.

RA: Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan! I loved this book so much!!!

Maryse: YESSSSS!!!! One at the top of my TBR list ’cause so many went crazy for it. Thank you for reminding me!! 😀

Rukaiya: I love Long Shot by Kennedy Ryan.

Cheryl: Long Shot. It’s good and my stomach is in knots. …For a “sports” story it was angsty. Reminded me of how I felt reading Thoughtless. It does have dual POV, but I don’t think it took away from the angst. In fact, I think it added to it.

…When I say felt like when reading Thoughtless, I mean the angst of love and relationships/love triangles and damn a sh!tload of complications/roadblocks to that love.

Debbie: Thoughtless S.C Stephens. I read it 8 years ago and it’s still my all time favorite.

Joslyn: yup!!!

Cindy: Yessss!!!

Karen: Thoughtless for me too!

Carol: that’s my favorite also.

Maryse: But of course!!!!! One of my favorites too, though it makes SO many of our lists ’cause so many of us are crazy for it. Kellan. *swooooooooooon* Here’s my Book Review

Melissa: Slammed by, Colleen Hoover. I adore all of her words, but it’s how I fell in love w her. Tarryn Fisher will sure f*ck your head up in the best way possible 🔥📚🔥

Maryse: BOTH of them are my forever favorites. Agreed!!! LOVED Slammed. Still one of my CH favorites ever. Here’s my 5 star Book Review.

Lene: Slammed 💗 one of my all time favorites

Lisa: I absolutely adored Heartbreak Warfare. It really made me feel all the emotions. I wish I could find more that feel this deep.

Maryse: I LOVED it too. SHE WENT THERE!!!!! HOLY. MOLY. Here’s my 5 STAR Book Review

Laurie: The Carnage series I have such a love/hate relationship with these books. I love how beautifully they were written that you feel all the emotions of the characters. But I hate them because I was devastated for weeks after reading them. I cried big fat ugly tears.

Maryse: Oh YES!!!! The first book is called “affectionately” amongst some in our crew as “the book that shall not be named.”

Jean: (I was going to also say “the book which shall not be named”…..which I’ve been wanting to read to see what all the hype is about)……you guys know which book, right?


Erin: Taking Chances by Molly McAdams is my FAVORITE book of all time! 🖤🤍💔

Maryse: Yep!! Probably another book that some of us call ” the book that shall not be named” LOL!! 😉 Here’s my Book Review

Amy: The Bronze Horseman by Paulina Simons. This is my all time favorite book.

Maryse: Another favorite for sure!! Here’s my 5 star Book Review



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