N.J. Adel – The Italians Series Reading Order

BRAND NEW SERIES & already so much love for it by a few in our crew! 😀

Dalia: My absolute favorite is The Italian Heartthrob by N.J. Adel. An emotional roller coaster with a lot of angst. Ugly cry read and the best of 2020.

Lisa M: …good read for the weekend The Italian Heartthrob by N.J. Adel, loved it.It was one of those books I really wanted to skip to the end & read what happens because I needed to know right away & then read from where I left off.

Dalia: I just read The Italian Marriage and it’s EPIC. so dark but EPIC!!!! N.J. Adel is my favorite author now lol …(a must read for dark romance and mafia lovers)

About book #1:

Forbidden is what we are… I was 10. You were 19. You wanted to be a chef. My mom made you a star.

I’m 24. You’re 33. You hold the record for the Sexiest Man Alive. I’m still the lost, rejected, damaged girl who can’t find herself anywhere but in your protective arms.

I loved you when I was 10. I love you now. You call me your best friend, and you still see me as a kid.

I’m 25 with a man on one knee in front of me. You’re watching through the glass. One word from you is all I need. But you hold a secret that can destroy us both.

I’ve known you my whole life. Loved you my whole life. Never thought when I die, it will be because of you.

This is NOT a Mafia novel. The Italian Heartthrob is a forbidden friends to lovers standalone. The dark themes may set you in tears.


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