Reader Question – The book where she has an ability and helps him find his sister using her power…

Ann needs our book help! It just came in and ohhhh! I don’t think I know this one at all, but maybe you do? 😀

She asks:

Hi Maryse!!!

So I’ve been trying to find a book for a really long time but I just can’t remember the name 🙁

I know that the story has a h who can see things? I don’t really remember but she has some power.

The H asked the h to find his sister who had been kidnapped and she basically uses her power to find her. But doing so brought her a lot of harm.

I’m sorry I’m being very vague but I don’t remember any other details…

Any guesses?

Jana: Is it Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks?

Kathy: Is it Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks?

Rochelle: It could be Keep Me Safe by Maya Banks.

Maryse: That makes 3 guesses for that one. I bet it is!! 😃

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