Reader Question… Solved! The series about the cop and his friends and his girlfriend & her friend were in a car crash…

Angie needs our book help!! She’s looking for a particular series and OMG it was so hard coming up with that question title. LOL!!

And the FIRST series that came to mind is one of my favorites, so angsty, and sometimes so funny (the two main guys are hilarious), yet also heart wrenching. How can it be both? It can, ’cause this author is AMAZING!!!

In fact, this author has been making the rounds lately in our reader questions. Her books are just that awesome that we want to re-read and recommend them.

CAUTION: Proceed with this question slowly, since Angie gives a few spoilers for each book…

She asks:

Can’t remember. HELP??

Three books in the series I believe.

First one was about a police officer who dated a girl and the girl and friend were in a car wreck and the friend died. (Candy maybe??) the guy moves on but the girl is seriously crazy.

Second book her sister starts dating the friend of the guy whose girlfriend was the one who died. He ends up getting her pregnant.

The last book is where the original girl finds out she really didn’t cause the accident and finds a guy and falls in love but their both hella crazy!

Great series and I can not remember the name to save my life!!!


Know it?

Maryse: My guess is the awesome Wrecked and Ruined Series by Aly Martinez!!! 😀 And if I’m wrong, everyone should still read these. MUST READS for sure!! In fact, here are my reviews:

Angie: That’s it!!!!!! You rock!!!

Maryse: YAY!!!!! What a series it was, too!!!! I’m tempted to re-read the first book. I fell HARD for that one. And that scene in the 2nd or is it the 3rd book? Where she’s crawling to him, devastated. OMG. I was in so much pain there.

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