Reader Question – The book about the two authors that meet during a meet and greet…

Prabz has a super-detailed reader question for us today!! I bet we’ll find it for sure. *fingers crossed* I do remember a blurb in the last year or so about two authors and the last scene she mentions had me giggling. This one sounds like fun!

She asks:

I’m going crazy looking for a book.

Hi, how are you? Just want to say before i cry over the fact I can’t find a book that only read like 2 months ago. I LOVE YOUR BLOG I’m forever stalking here looking for my next big read, love that there is a place to share reviews and suggestions.

Ok before I end up crying again I’ve spend the better part of my morning looking for a book I really need to organise my books or just get a better memory. I’m sure I found the book from your site. i can’t remember the name or title or even the cover I don’t even know how I manage to not remember anything but i remember a lot of scenes in the book so that might helps. I’m sure I read this like 2 months ago….

The heroine in the book is a author, she just released her book, I think it was about history or something old and educational.

The hero is also an author for I think its horror or mystery books.

He picks her book up and the airport as its in the charts then next chapter. She literally crashes her car in to his at a writers conference. I think they meet again during the meet and greet event because she can’t sort her stall out.

I know he has writers block and starts writing again when he meets her. They quickly become friends.

During this weekend well things lead somewhere

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

*spoiler alert*

as she’s pregnant. The guy doesn’t know and that they don’t meet again untill months later…

She’s in the process of buying a house so she can get her grandfather to live with her i think he’s in a care home.

I think she also looks after her brother not sure if he lives with her but he’s a fan of the guy in the book until he figures out he’s with his sister, theres a bit where he’s throwing his fan memorabilia out the window.

I think I’ve explained most of the book but I can’t remember their names 🙁  lol

Maybe someone might have read this book…


Hi Prabz!! 😀 I’m great and I’m even better after those awesome and sweet comments you sent me.

Now… time for guesses! 😀

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