Reader Question – The book about the rock star that wants more than just a one night stand…

Shadowgirl007 is looking for this one! Er… this question is very short and sweet. LOL! Not much detail, and in the end, it could end up being SO MANY rock star books, but why not?

Let’s make a list of all the books like this, shall we? Maybe the one she’s looking for will be in there.

She asks:


So, there was this book which had the main character as a rockstar.

The main girl just wanted a one night stand but Mr. Rockstar won’t let it finish right there!!

Could you pls see if you know about a book with this plot????


Anyone have a guess?

Maryse: OMG!!! WAIT!!! I THINK I MIGHT KNOW THIS ONE!!?? Holy moly it’s the very first rock star romance book I had ever read, I LOVED IT LIKE CRAZY, I got it for free wayyyyyyyy back in my early indie-days, and I went crazy for it. I fell SO HARD for this rock star because he was just so earnest. And HOT. HOLY MOLY THIS BOOK IS DIRTY in all of its sweetness. 😉 Could it be… Backstage Pass by Olivia Cunning? P.S. Here’s my book review.

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