Monday Early Bird Book Releases – 07-07-2020

9:20am GOOD MORNING UPDATE: 😀 HAPPY MONDAY & HAPPY LABOR DAY!! As you can see, I’m taking it super-easy today because I’m late with this list. Oooops! I let myself sleep in (and I’m craving steak and eggs this morning) and I’m having a coffee, so I’m still working on the list as we speak, but keep checking back, ’cause I’ll be working on it for a few hours.


  1. MY LATEST REVIEW is up in case you missed it. 😀 Book Review – Heart Bones by Colleen Hoover
  2. My lawn is starting to come together!!! 😀 Still work to do, but it’s not looking crazy anymore. I’m thinking I’d like to change out a few of my ornamental – though not so pretty – “bushes” for some sort of palms…
  3. My natural curly-wavy hair routine is coming together better each week so far!! Not so curly, but definitely defined curly-waves (TONS of them), and this weekend was the first weekend I got my “product level” in my hair just right because I was outside Saturday in the Florida humidity, and my hair did not frizz at all! I could actually pick up each individual curl clump they were so defined!! SQUEEEEEE!!! Even my “chin length and a bit longer “bangs” were behaving. I didn’t need to use my curling iron at all this time. I think I’m a 2b to 2c in my “curl” level. I think I’m on week 4 or 5 of this experiment? I use my Olaplex 3 treatment once a week now (before washing my hair and I’m loving it!), then my LUS “Wavy” system trio (exactly as they say to),  and also this time instead of my curl defining gel, I put this in my hair about an hour after “plopping” my hair: Lisap “High Tech Hair Mousse Wet Effect” (it’s actually more like a gel when it comes out. I can’t find this on Amazon – my mom brought it to me from Canada a couple of years ago so if anyone knows if there’s a dupe for sale here, that would be awesome. It smells like Sprite or 7-Up so my mom and I call it the 7-up mousse. LOL!!) and then once it was all dry and defined (and still looked wet) I worked out the “cast” that it made on my hair and it looked GREAT!!!




  1. Glow (Brewed Book 3) by Molly McAdams <— LIVE!!! MOLLY MCADAMS SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE ALERT!! “...she’s back. Different hair. New style. Kid clutching her hand.
    Not a trace of the Madison Black I knew. A down-home girl with the sweetest smile and drawl. The rebel with a spirit that glowed so bright. But with one conversation, that girl starts to reappear…”
  2. Forbidden Mate For The Soldier Bear (Shifter Nation: Special Ops Shifters: L.A. Force Book 4) by Meg Ripley
  3. Branagan (The Kelly Brothers Book 3) by Mila Crawford and Aria Cole
  4. From Best Friend to Husband: A Pumpkins and Proposals Novel (The Harvest Ranch Romance Series Book 1) by Lucy McConnell
  5. Crossed Lines: The Philly Love Tales by AP Smith <— LIVE!! SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE WITH A FOOTBALL STAR ALERT!! “…Six long years and hundreds of miles have separated Xandri and Jace since she last saw him in undergrad. Since then he has become the greatest quarterback in the NFL, and while she is successful in her own right, her personal life is messy. Needless to say, she is shocked when Jace makes a surprise appearance at her Master’s degree celebration. All it takes is one night of rekindled friendship to remind her of their strong bond and magnetic attraction – and justify why she has dreamt of being his for a decade...”
  6. The Sea Witch (Wicked Villains Book 5) by Katee Robert
  7. The Alien Warlord’s Obsession: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance (Orean Warlords, book 2) by Aline Ash and Athena Aston
  8. Micah: An MC Romance (Heavy Hogs Book 9) by Elias Taylor <— LIVE! HER DOCTOR IS A BIKER!! “…I never thought my hot gynecologist would be a bad boy biker. It’s a crazy combination.  But Micah is one of a kind…”
  9. Tank (Dark Falcons Book 2) by Em Petrova
  10. His First Time: Sterling: A Hot Shot of Romance Quickie by Callie Love and Ann Omasta
  11. The Full Force (The Sons of Mayhem Book 3) by Nikki Pink
  12. Her Bossy Billionaire (Love in London Book 1) by Natalie Anderson
  13. His Brown-Eyed Girl (A New Orleans Ladies Novel Book 2) by Liz Talley
  14. Wed to the Italian: A Fake Marriage Billionaire Romance by Bella King
  15. Before You Knew Me: An opposites attract romantic suspense novel (Having It All Book 3) by MaryAnn Clarke <— LIVE!! “…Attorney Sharon Beckett worked hard to lift her life out of the gutter. Her shameful scandalous past keeps her out of the limelight and firmly on the side of the establishment. And nothing else. In her mind, a pro-bono case for a skid row non-profit is the opposite of career advancement, but she’ll do what she must to climb that last corporate rung...” CAN be read as a standalone!

PREORDERS (going live soon!!! 😀 )

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