Jennifer L. Armentrout’s “A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire” is LIVE & we’ve got fun stuff & we’re having a giveaway!

 <— FANTASY ROMANCE FANS, REJOICE!!!! A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire: A Blood and Ash Novel IS LIVE (this is book #2 in the series and these must be read in order so make sure to check out the: From Blood and Ash Series Reading Order).

“It doesn’t matter what you think I should be called. Prince. Casteel. The Dark One. Bastard. Call me whatever you like as long as you know it will be my voice that will be the last sound you hear.”

Jennifer L. Armentrout is today’s newsletter sponsor and her publisher (The Blue Box Press) is having a giveaway (plus I’ve compiled all SORTS of fun stuff – below – that she’s posting about this book)!!!

Kelly LOVES it!!!

“Just finished A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire by Jennifer Lynn Armentrout and OMG it is fantastic. My favourite book so far of 2020. I loved everything about it. Hawke!!!!! He is divine and desperately want to see a pic of him with both dimples. I impatiently wait for the next book but hope it comes out soon.

Maryse, I know you get people telling you to read books all the time and you’ve been in a psychological thriller zone for a while but you really, really, really, need to read the Blood and Ash series. Like now! Unputdownable!

Jennifer says:

I am so excited for all of you to read the next installment of the Blood and Ash series, and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Poppy is still doing Poppy things in AKOFAF, and I can’t wait for you to read all about it. 💪🏼 ⚔️🏹

And here’s some awesome news already!! The author just realized:

A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire was chosen as one of Amazon’s Best Books of the month. *screams internally and externally*

Also, there’s this fun “extra” POV that you’ll find in this release!! 😀 She says:

Also, if you’re looking for that Red Pearl scene from Hawke’s POV, there will be a link in the back of the A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire digital and print copies that will take you to that scene! So, you get the bonus scene as soon as AKOFAF is released!

And she asks:

Have you read From Blood and Ash, and been like, where in the world is Carsodonia in relation to the Blood Forest and where is New Haven, and how close are they to Atlantia? Well, you’ll be able to see this as A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire will have a world map, in both the print and digital versions.

Ready for the entire, incredible playlist? She’s been slowly teasing these out, chapter per chapter, day per day on her Facebook page, so I’ve scrolled and compiled them here into one fabulous list:

Chapter 1 – “Let him speak”
– Hunger of the Pine, alt J ➔
– If I Had A Heart. Fever Ray ➔

Chapter 2 – “At least it was a quick death”
– Legend Has It by Run the Jewels:
“Don’t feel bad for them.” ➔ Heathens by Twenty One Pilots:

Chapter 3 – “I’m done.”
You Don’t Own Me by Grace ➔
“Fight me” ➔ Something in the Shadows by Amy Stroup:

Chapter 4 – “I rather be free,”
Animals by Maroon 5 ➔
Hunter by Riaya (Featuring John Mark Mcmillan) ➔

Chapter 5 – “Such a stunning, murderous little creature”
Deadcrush by alt-J:

Chapter 6 – (I’m the monster they made)
Sympathy for the Devil by Rolling Stones:

Chapter 7 – “I said nothing”
Spark by Tori Amos ➔
“What they did” ➔ Precious Things by Tori Amos:

Chapter 8 – “So many questions. Kieran is not pleased”
Shut Up and Dance by Walk the Moon ➔

Chapter 9 – “I am not them” and “Names Never Forgotten”
In Every Dream Home by Roxy Music ➔

Chapter 10 – “I can’t do that”
What I’ve Done by Linkin Park ➔
“The Deal” ➔ Running Up That Hill by Placebo:

Chapter 11 – “The past is irrelevant.”
No Light, No Light by Florence and the Machine ➔

Chapter 12 – “I do not believe you”

Chapter 13 – “So It Begins”
TAKE IT ALL by Ruelle ➔

Chapter 14 – “This is who they are”

Chapter 15 – “You will usher in a whole new era”
CASTLE by Halsey ➔

Chapter 16 – “I’m not helpless”
THE OUTSIDER by A Perfect Circle ➔

Chapter 17 – “You’re a second daughter.”
YOUNG FOREVER by Jay-Z ft Mr. Hudson ➔

Chapter 18 – “There’s so much coldness there”

Chapter 19 – “It’s just us.”
SUGA SUGA by Baby Bash ➔

Chapter 20 – “There she is—my princess.”

Chapter 21 – “They came from the woods”

Chapter 22 – “Some was wrong and everything was right”
WRONG by Max (ft. Lil Uzi Vert) ➔

Chapter 23 – “He’s not an animal.”
GREY BLUE EYES by Dave Matthews ➔

Chapter 24 – “Heartmates”

Chapter 25 – “I found as many pieces of me as I could.”
HURT by Johnny Cash ➔

Chapter 26 – “Take what you need”
CRY LITTLE SISTER by Gerard McMann ➔

Chapter 27 – “They are the Guardians of Atlantia”
KEEP HOPE ALIVE by The Crystal Method:

Chapter 28 – “There’s someone I’d like you to meet”

Chapter 29 – “You look like moonlight.”

Chapter 30 – “We came here to escape.”
CASTLE ON THE HILL by Ed Sheeran ➔

Chapter 31 – “Just being thorough.”
SAY YOU WON’T LET GO by James Arthur ➔

Chapter 32 – “I will be silent no longer”
TITANIUM by David Guetta ft Sia ➔

Chapter 33 – “I never planned for this”

Chapter 34 – “Welcome to my world.”
OTEP by Head ➔

Chapter 35 – “They’re burning everything.”
THE HANGING TREE by James Newton Howard ft Jennifer Lawrence ➔

Chapter 36 – “It’s all true”
JUST SAY YES by Snow Patrol ➔

Chapter 37 – “When day turns to night”
COSMIC LOVE by Florence and the Machine ➔

Chapter 38 – “I’ve brought gifts”
THE BELLS by Ramin Djawadi ➔

Chapter 39 – “Kill as many as you can”
THE LAST WAR by Ramin Djawad ➔

Chapter 40 – “It’s the Only Way”
HEROES by Peter Gabriel ➔
“I mean, the lyrics” CLOSER by NIN ➔
“and again, I mean, the lyrics” THE PERFECT DRUG by NIN ➔

Chapter 41  – “What if some of it is true.”
HUMAN by Rag’N’Bone Man ➔

Chapter 42 – “On the eastern road”
KHALESSI by Ramin Djawadi ➔

Chapter 43 – “What you seek is not to be found here.”
REQUIEM FOR A TOWER by London Music World ➔

Chapter 44 – “The Pillars of Atlantia”
GUARDIANS AT THE GATE by Audiomachine ➔
“The skies bled.” ➔ O’DEATH by Jen Titus:

Chapter 45 – “Enough”
SEVEN DEVILS by Florence + The Machine ➔
“A crown of gilded bones.” ➔ CROWN by Camila Cabello + Grey:

Want to read the first three chapters? Check out this sampler over at iBooks:

Now for the giveaway!

We’re giving away a Dark Nights swag pack (which includes a 1001 Dark Nights limited edition coloring book, colored pencils, and promo booklet & bookmark).

How to enter for a chance to win it?

Just leave a comment below (or better yet – tell me what you absolute favorite song is right now), and by 10pm EST, Sunday, September 6th, 2020, I will randomly select one lucky commenter as the winner.

The winner will be contacted and will have 48hrs to respond confirming their mailing address, so if you are picked, do not delay or you will lose your chance. The Dark Nights swag pack will be sent to one winner by the publisher.

US ONLY for now on this one (but we’re going to have an international giveaway for ebooks in just a few months). :D

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