Friday Finds & Reader Recommendations – 09-04-2020

Happy Friday and happy long Labor Day weekend!! 😀 A bunch of new books just went LIVE and we found a bunch of awesome sales, too! Plus… reader recommendations.

Today’s “Blast From Our Book Past” highlights:

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Nicole: I was introduced to Jennifer L Armentrout by JR Ward. Have devoured her books ever since.

Jennifer: I love Jennifer Armentrout stories!

Sarah: Love JLA and she’s from a town right near mine, so she always has such a homey vibe to me.



  • Real Fake Love by Pippa Grant <— <— LIVE!!! BASEBALL STAR IS HER COMPLETE OPPOSITE & HE NEEDS A FAKE GIRLFRIEND…  “...If anyone can teach me to be the opposite of me, it’s him. The first thing I want him to teach me? How to not fall in love. And as luck would have it, he’s in desperate need of a fake girlfriend to get a meddling grandmother off his back. We couldn’t be more perfect together, because the last thing Luca Rossi will ever be is the next man to leave me at the altar...”
  • Wicked Forever (Wicked Bay Book 8) by L A Cotton <— LIVE!!

R: I just got My Dark Vanessa from my library and wow, the writing is fantastic. Several of my friends read it recently and had mixed reviews based on the subject matter, but I’m hooked just based on the author’s talent. I’m not that far in though and may run screaming when the plot gets going! 😆

  • Layer by Layer (Riggins Brothers Book 1) by Kaylee Ryan <— LIVE!!! THEY MET ON A PLANE… “...From the first moment I sit next to the sexy suit on the plane, the butterflies in my stomach have nothing to do with turbulence and everything to do with the way he’s looking at me. When we land, he gives me his number, and I promise to call. Before I get the chance, we meet again. It turns out he’s my new boss and nothing like the gentle stranger from the plane…”
  • Breakers Fuse (Inferno’s Clutch MC Book 2) by E.C. Land <— LIVE!!
  • The Clients: A Forbidden Romance (Forbidden Fantasies Book 5) by S.E. Law <— LIVE!!
  • Coach Me by Shanora Williams <— FORBIDDEN LOVE SUPER-BARGAIN ALERT (US & CANADA)!! “...We’re not supposed to touch, let alone kiss. We definitely aren’t supposed to exchange hidden stares while we’re around each other. But I’ve fallen too hard for her, and despite how big the risks are, I can’t seem to pull away from her now. None of this was ever supposed to happen because she’s my track student, and I’m her coach…and I could lose everything if we get caught...”
  • Mystery Man by Kristen Ashley <— ONE OF MY 5-STAR FAVORITE BOOKS EVER (he’s actually probably my #1 of Kristen Ashley’s alpha-male heroes) is SUPER-BARGAIN PRICED TODAY!! UNREQUITED LOVE to the hilt!!! Loved the intro, and he infuriated me, and confused me, and made me swoooooooon. MY REVIEW.


Sali: Omg 100% agree!

Andrea: Hawk is my favourite as well – Mystery Man from KA.

  • Quiet Man: A Dream Man Novella by Kristen Ashley <— KRISTEN ASHLEY ALERT!! I JUST ONE-CLICKED THIS SUPER-BARGAIN!!!! YAY ME!!! P.S. It says novella but it’s over 250 pages. 😉 I love quiet, strong, brooding alpha-heroes!!! She has a stalker… “...she needs a bodyguard. Enter Mo Morrison. Enormous. Scary. Quiet. Mo doesn’t say much, and Lottie’s used to getting attention. And she wants Mo’s attention. Badly. But Mo has a strict rule. If he’s guarding your body, that’s all he’s doing with it…”

Megan: I really enjoyed the recent Kristen Ashley novella, Quiet Man, which featured a bodyguard.

  • Glass Secrets: Shattered Cove Series Book 2 by A.M. Kusi <— LIVE!!! STARTING OVER & THEN SHE MEETS HER NEIGHBOR!! “…Mia Garcia is tired of running from her past. So with a new home offering small-town charm and a fresh start, she’s ready to leave her history behind and open the yoga business of her dreams. But after an infuriating encounter with her rude-yet-so-sexy neighbor, she can’t decide if she should be angry… or aroused…”
  • Dawn with a Duke: A Regency Christmas Romance (12 Dukes of Christmas Book 9) by Erica Ridley <— LIVE!!!
  • Lost and Found (Legendary Shifters Book 4) by Catherine Lievens <— LIVE!!!
  • Your Bloodline (Featherstone Academy Series Book 2) by KC Kean <— LIVE!!!
  • Revved to the Maxx by Melanie Moreland <— LIVE!!! HIS NEW EMPLOYEE THAT HE CAN’T STAND!! 😉 “...he turns to the internet to hire a new employee, thinking it will make his life easier. What he expects is a fellow named Charly. What he gets is a quirky, sassy, red-head named. Charlynn who runs circles around him. And she’s all woman. He can’t stand her. He can’t keep his hands off her either.”

Jessica: I’m going to start my reread soon! Love this series. I’ve read it 5 times and #6 will start tonight 😍

Vesper: Bought immediately. Thank you

Rachel: this series was sooooo good!

Nancy: Wow!! More Blasts from the Past! I was so excited back in 2012, when Kristen Ashley was writing a vampire book!! Bought & read them all!

bev: I started reading way too late tonight and will regret it in the morning. But The House In the Cerulean Sea by TJ Klyne has the most adorable cast of characters ever.

Its really cute so far. An orphanage with magical children. So like a gnome who is a girl gnome but has a full white beard and is 265 years old. She isn’t an adult until she is 500.

A green semi transparent blobby with tentacles child, maybe a cross between a sea cucumber and a jelly fish whose only wish is to be a bellhop. The anti christ, maybe, but he is only six. And some more. It is ridiculous and sweet.

Maryse: Oh wow that sounds crazy and really good!

Nancy: I finished reading THE TAKEOVER by T L Swan at the end of August. Before that I read her OUR WAY! A year ago I read THE STOPOVER.

T L Swan has become a “must read” author with each of her new releases. I highly recommend all three! Plus all 3 of these books are in the Top Kindle Books at the same time.

Melissa: I loved The Takeover so much.  It has everything you want in a great book.  A hero and heroine that are both strong, sexy, and most of all, relatable.  Not to mention the foot-stomping, knee-slapping hilarious moments between her boys and Tristan.  But finally, the perfectly sweet and heartfelt way that he wins the heart of her boys?  Nothing is better than this.  This book recruited me to the T.L. Swan fan club.

Liz: The takeover, I never laughed out loud so hard when he went to Her house and met the kids.

Kelly: Okay so I loved the book pretty funny kids love the dynamic with the kids. Was a bit hard to get into but afterwards I wasn’t able to stop reading . Every single moms needs a Tristan miles.

Stacey: Have you ever heard of Matthew Norman? He’s an author that I just discovered. I just read Last Couple Standing – his latest release- and it was really good!! …I hope you like it.

It’s a light read, not much angst, no breakups, not much drama, just a feel good read.

  • Eight Long Years: A Second Chance Secret Baby Romance (Heart of Hope Book 5) by Ajme Williams <— LIVE!!!
  • Gunner: An Enemies to Lovers MC Romance (Savage Saints MC Book 10) by Autumn Summers <— LIVE!!!
  • Doc: a Club Alias novel by KD Robichaux <— LIVE!!! HER MERCENARY ROOMMATE ALERT! “...It was only supposed to be for the weekend, but then all hell broke loose, and I went from just staying with Doc so my sister could have a worry-free romantic getaway with her honey, to living with him for an entire year. Oh, boo-hoo, poor me, trapped in this amazing, state-of-the-art mansion with a dog who loves the hell out of me. And not trapped because Neil won’t let me go…”
  • I Do (Sorta): A Sweet-ish Romantic Comedy (My Fake Husband Romance Book 1) by Johanna Evelyn <— LIVE!!!
  • Never Say No: A totally funny and uplifting novel about having it all by Elizabeth Neep <— LIVE!!!
  • Ruthless Mountain Man by Ava Grace <— LIVE!!!
  • Dream Maker by Kristen Ashley <— KRISTEN ASHLEY SUPER-SALE ALERT!! (thanks for the find, Nancy!!) And it’s for a recent release!! 😃 She dances to pay her way through school, and he offers her protection… “…first she needs to come up with the money to pay for tuition. Working as a dancer at Smithie’s club seems like the perfect solution to her problems . . . until her family lands in yet another scrape and comes to Evie for help. Only, this time, her family’s recklessness is risking more than her dreams-it’s endangering her life. Daniel “Mag” Magnusson knows a thing or two about desperation and disappointment, but no one notices that his good looks and quick wit hide the painful memories that haunt him. When Evie’s family puts her in danger, Mag insists on offering Evie his protection…”
  • Revenge in the Capitol: A Contemporary Romantic Suspense Novel (In The Capitol Series Book 2) by B. Ivy Woods <— LIVE!!! MUST BE READ IN ORDER!! “…Months after Rae and Flint thwart a stalker’s attempt to destroy their relationship, they are focusing on themselves. Their relationship is better than ever and Flint’s political campaign is taking off. But as his campaign heats up, his schedule only gets busier. Rae can’t help feeling like she’s been left out in the cold. Things go from bad to worse when their past comes back to haunt them…”
  • Yours to Keep by Lauren Layne <— RECENT RELEASE & MICHELE G ENJOYED IT!

Michele G: I already read Yours to Keep by Lauren Layne. It was a feel good story where the hometown baseball hero returns home to recuperate from an injury. The heroine was quirky and fun – not at all what you’d see him going for which made it that much better!

  • Come Back to Me : A Novella (Wilson Creek Book 1) by K.R. Reese <— LIVE!!! HER EX’S THREAT SENDS HER BACK TO HER HOMETOWN… “...Trevor had lived the past few years believing he would never have hope again. When a police call brings Ella back into his life, he doesn’t intend to let her go again. But fate has other ideas and he has to fight for what he wants. They find their way back to each other… But in a town this small, it’s hard to keep a secret...”
  • Fall for Me: A Novella (Wilson Creek Book 2) by K.R. Reese <— LIVE!!!
  • Marry Me: A Novella (Wilson Creek Book 3) by K.R. Reese <— LIVE!!!
  • Rescue Me: A Novella (Wilson Creek Book 4) by K.R. Reese <— LIVE!!!
  • Stay With Me: A Novella (Wilson Creek Book 5) by K.R. Reese <— LIVE!!!
  • Evil Love by Ella Fields <— LIVE!! THEY HAD A LOVE-HATE THING... “...the most wanted guy in school blamed me for losing his second chance with his girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend? Whatever. Point is, the Adonis loved to hate me. It wasn’t my fault he’d followed me. It wasn’t my fault he’d stared too long and stood a little too close, just daring me to accomplish my wildest dreams. And it most certainly wasn’t my fault his ex-girlfriend arrived when he’d decided to kiss me back. Then the cruelty began...”
  • Live in Love: Growing Together Through Life’s Changes by Lauren Akins and Mark Dagostino <— WIFE OF A COUNTRY STAR MEMOIRE & MY BOOK TWIN LOVED IT!

Tasha J: Finished Live in Love! I 5 ⭐️ it because I miss love and this covered all the bases for me. I inhaled it, I was filled with positivity and good energy and goosebumps and heartbreak and faith, honestly there’s a lot about God and it was special, that’s the word I’m going with, hearing about her and her family’s personal experiences with Him and their faith.

  • Read With Your Heart: a small town romance (Heart Collection Book 2) by L.B. Dunbar <— LIVE!!! THE TEACHER & HER NEIGHBOR ALERT!! “…Tricia Carter loves teaching, but as a high school teacher, her newest student puzzles her. When she calls home to discuss her concerns, she learns the child lives with a much older brother. She also discovers he’s her next door neighbor and dangerous. Complete with tattoos, piercings and lots of leather, he’s everything Tricia isn’t interested in...”


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  • ➔➔ Audible now has an “Escape” package membership (30 day free trial) – used to be called the “Romance” package <— this one is SO cool, and worth it (unlimited listening for all of the audiobooks in the program, and there are tons – kind of like Kindle Unlimited)!!


R: I’m also listening to the Until the End of the World series narrated by Julia Whelan (my fave). This is another great audiobook Maryse if you still want suggestions!

  • My Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell <— R IS READING this one and Michele G loved it in audiobook!

Michele G: R., the audio for My Dark Vanessa was very good also!

Shirley: I just finished listening to The Best Of Friends by Lucinda Berry. 5++++ stars! The narration is great and such a great story…highly recommend! I have not heard of this Author before and enjoyed this book so much.

  • The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry <– SHIRLEY IS ALSO LOVING THIS ONE by the same author!

Shirley: I am now listening to The Perfect Child. I am only on chapter 6 and I am already sucked in…I can tell its going to be another great one!

PREORDERS (going live soon!!! 😀 )

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